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Biden to ‘hit ground running’ as he rejoins Paris climate accords

Joe Biden is set for a flurry of action to combat the climate crisis on his first day as US president by immediately rejoining the Paris climate agreement and blocking the Keystone XL pipeline, although experts have warned lengthier, and…

MITCHELL: Joe Biden and the ‘settled science’ of man-made global warming – North State Journal

Presumptive President-elect Joe Biden listens to Miguel Cardona speak after introducing him as his nominee for Secretary of Education, at The Queen Theater in Wilmington, Del., Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2020. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster) As part of Joe Biden’s far-reaching planned…

Scientists suggested a method to improve performance of methanol fuel cells

(Far Eastern Federal University) Fuel cells based on methanol oxidation have a huge potential in the motor and technical industries. To increase their energy performance, scientists suggest using electrodes made of thin palladium-based metallic glass films. A group of researchers from Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), Austria, Turkey, Switzerland, and the UK has developed a new metallic glass for this application. The results were reported in the Nanoscale journal.


New Filings Show Gaping Holes, Motivations Behind Mass. AG’s Climate Suit

Court filings made publicly available yesterday show Massachusetts attorney general Maura Healey’s climate lawsuit against ExxonMobil is as flimsy as a similar case filed against the company by the New York attorney general last year – a case that was…

Climate Experts Sound The Alarm On Biden’s $2 Trillion Climate Plan

President-elect Joe Biden has made addressing climate change one of his top priorities but climate experts Thursday said his proposed policies would lead to higher costs and no significant reduction in global temperatures. “It is very important to understand just…

Hiking Canada’s Carbon Tax Will Send Fuel Prices Soaring

Canadians can’t afford to pay an extra $27 each time they fill up their minivans, but that’s what it will soon cost as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau jacks up his carbon tax. The feds made the announcement Friday that they will hike…

Joe Biden’s Fracking Malarkey

Where, oh where does Joe Biden stand on fracking? The question is of great significance due to fracking’s scope and resultant economic impact. Fracking has been the primary driver of the U.S. energy renaissance. Since the late Bush years, when…

Electric Vehicle Shock Treatment

Joe Biden, his fellow Democrats, and apparently big U.S. automakers have joined the rush to transform America’s transportation to 100% electric vehicles (EV) whether We the People want it or not. During an October town hall, Biden asserted that his…


TRANSITION: Biden taps adviser who ties gasoline price to emissions

President-elect Joe Biden’s financial policy will be shaped — at least in part — by an economic adviser who believes fossil fuels are “severely underpriced” because they don’t consider the harm caused by climate change.