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Americans Can’t Afford Biden’s Green Obsession

As if Biden’s push for green energy hasn’t hurt America enough with the cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline and rejoining the Paris Agreement on climate, it’s now fueling the rise in utility bills for hardworking Americans across the board….

More Green Blackouts Ahead As Biden’s Regulators Ignore Grid’s Vulnerability

You’d think the Texas blackouts would trigger some soul-searching about the vulnerability of America’s electrical grid. Not in today’s hothouse of climate politics. The Biden Administration is already moving to stop an examination of grid vulnerability to promote unreliable renewable…

Deb Haaland Would Be A Disaster As Interior Secretary

This week, President Biden’s nominee for secretary of the Interior, New Mexico congresswoman Deb Haaland, is up for confirmation in the Senate. Haaland, a self-described “progressive,” and a member of the Pueblo of Laguna, would, if confirmed, become the first…

How Exactly Does Carbon Dioxide Cause Global Warming? – State of the Planet

“You Asked” is a series where Earth Institute experts tackle reader questions on science and sustainability. Over the past few years, we’ve received a lot of questions about carbon dioxide — how it traps heat, how it can have such…

Why does this galaxy look older than its years?

To the extent that we can see them, galaxies in the very early universe should look relatively young and unformed. But galaxy ALESS 073.1 is a surprise to astronomers: it looks more mature than we’d have any reason to expect. Why?


BUSINESS: Toyota to build futuristic ‘Woven City’ with no gas cars

Toyota Motor Corp. launched an ambitious smart city demonstration project this week that the 83-year-old automaker hopes will accelerate its transition from a climate laggard to a clean technology and mobility leader.

UK Prime Minister Warns Climate Change Is Threat to World Security – Insurance Journal

Article 0 Comments British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned world leaders Tuesday that climate change is a threat to security of all nations and sharply criticized people across the globe who say this is “green stuff from a bunch of…

Biden Admin Approves A Pipeline For Russian Energy After Killing Keystone

President Biden blocked the Keystone pipeline from Canada to the U.S., ostensibly due to environmental concerns and claims about global warming, even though the long-planned project had cleared all environmental hurdles. Yet the Biden State department just effectively approved an energy pipeline…

Is Bill Gates’s Climate-Change Book Worth Reading? | Outside Online – Outside

At age 65, Bill Gates continues to walk through life with all of the brashness of an algebra teacher. While his peers among the ultrarich enjoy crocodile breeding, dating pop stars, or traveling by hot-air balloon, the cofounder of Microsoft has devoted his spare…

Propaganda Minister Colbert: Green New Deal ‘Bold’, Nuclear Energy Poison

CBS’s Late Show host Stephen Colbert has been less a late-night comedian and more a radical Democrat for quite a while. So it’s not shocking that even Bill Gates wasn’t radical enough for Colbert. The Microsoft co-founder appeared on CBS Monday…