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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Did galactic crash trigger solar system formation?

The formation of the sun, the solar system and the subsequent emergence of life on Earth may be a consequence of a collision between our galaxy – the Milky Way – and a smaller galaxy called Sagittarius.

Future of the western North Pacific Subtropical High: Weaker or stronger?

(Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences) With correction by observed sea surface temperature, under the Representative Concentration Pathway (RCP) 8.5, a high greenhouse gas emission scenario, the models will tend to agree on a future intensification of the western North Pacific Subtropical High (WNPSH) with 45% of the uncertainty reduced, which implies stronger East Asian summer monsoon with increased rainfall but reduced typhoon landfalls over East Asia. In the meantime, it could also imply increased risk of heatwaves in the southern and eastern China.


NASA Scientist Links ‘Climate Change’ To ‘White Supremacy’

Another NASA climate scientist has revealed their politics and waded into racially charged linkages between “climate justice” and “racial justice.” and “white supremacy.” NASA’s Dr. Kate Marvel (pictured) declared on June 1: “Climate justice and racial justice are the same thing, and we’ll…

Scientists decipher the role of carbon and the break-up of continents

(University of New Mexico) An international collaboration has led scientists to new insights into the storage and dynamic transfer of carbon below thick and very old continental crust currently published in the journal Nature titled, Displacement of cratonic mantle and lithospheric channeling concentrates deep carbon during continental rifting.

Making sense of climate scenarios: Toolkit for decision-makers launched

(Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)) To make climate scenarios work for decision-makers, an international team of researchers developed a comprehensive interactive online platform. It is the first of its kind to provide the tools to use those scenarios — from climate impacts to mitigation and energy options — to a broader public beyond science.


EPA: Methane rule heads to White House for speedy review

EPA sent the White House its final rules Friday to repeal and replace Obama-era controls on oil and gas methane, paving the way to end federal regulation of the powerful greenhouse gas by the end of July.

Has mystery of universe’s missing matter been solved?

Cosmologists have only been able to find half the matter that should exist in the universe. With the discovery of a new astronomical phenomenon and new telescopes, these researchers say they’ve just found the rest.


Global warming will boost agriculture weed threat – Science Daily

Working with computer models to predict the likely impact of climate change on invasive weed propagation, Dr Farzin Shabani from Flinders University’s Global Ecology Lab found a likely increase in areas of habitat suitability for the majority of invasive weed…