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Brazilians Get Juicy Tax Breaks When They Adopt Animals, Plant Trees, or Hail Historic Roots

A slew of Brazilian cities are passing laws that offer tax deductions or exemptions for citizens who want to pitch in to restore the health and beauty of their communities. Whether by increasing tourism, restoring historic city centers, or boosting beautification by planting trees and maintaining their lawns, there are several ways residents of Goiânia, […]

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Alarmists Blame Climate Change For Spain’s Caterpillar Plague

Alarmists are charging that climate change is the culprit behind a “toxic caterpillar plague” affecting southern Spain, insisting that global warming has ushered in an early spring. “The appearance of the pine processionary caterpillar has been anticipated this year due…

How to grow your own cozy gourd tunnel

Winter’s icy grip may be keeping your body indoors, but that doesn’t mean your mind can’t rebel by starting to plan for this year’s gardening season. According to the seasoned green thumbs who keep tabs on what’s hot in the…

Local genetic adaption helps sorghum crop hide from witchweed

(Penn State) Sorgum crops in areas where the parasite witchweed is common have locally adapted to have mutations in a particular gene, which helps the plant resist the parasite. A new study led by researchers at Penn State reveals the effects of this mutation, as well as other genes that might confer parasite resistance.


For peat’s sake: how to protect bogs | Alys Fowler

In a shallow pool amid a mossy landscape is a trap, a tiny triggered vacuum that sucks in unexpected prey at great speed, absorbs what it needs, then ejects the empty husk of its victim. If you’ve sunk and splashed…

How to garden for bumblebees

Would you like to hear your neighbors buzzing about how good your garden looks? There’s an easy way to do that and help an important native pollinator at the same time. Plant a bumblebee-friendly garden. You’ll do yourself and bumblebees…

Global warming could have a negative impact on biodiversity generation processes

(Universidad Pablo de Olavide UPO) An international team led by researchers from Pablo de Olavide University (UPO) and the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) has carried out research that suggests global warming could have a negative impact on the processes that generate biodiversity. This is one of the conclusions of a study that focuses on the causes of the evolutionary success of Carex, one of the worlds’ three largest genera of flowering plants.

How you can use Australian landscaping ideas to create a drought-tolerant garden

The majority of Australians — about 85% — live on the country’s coasts. That’s because vast areas of the interior of the continent are desert. But even closer to the coasts, there are still plenty of areas that are only…

Climate change: The devastation of Australia’s ocean – The Independent

Even before the ocean caught a fever and reached temperatures no one had ever seen, Australia’s ancient giant kelp was cooked. Rodney Dillon noticed it the day he squeezed into a wet suit several years ago and dove into Trumpeter…