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The ongoing rehabilitation of Michael Vick

The NFL recently announced that Michael Vick will be one of the captains in the 2020 Pro Bowl in January. During his 13-year career, the quarterback spent six seasons with the Atlanta Falcons and five with the Philadelphia Eagles before…

Hockey fans throw 45,000 stuffed animals on the ice for charity

45,650 stuffed toys were donated on Teddy Bear Toss night. (Photo: Caroline O’Connor/Hershey Bears) While fans of the Detroit Red Wings may remember the somewhat barbaric tradition of throwing octopus on the ice during the NHL playoffs, those attending the…

Australia receives first Fossil Award at COP25 for bushfire response by Prime Minister

Australia, Brazil and Japan all shared equally the first Fossil of the Day award of the United Nations Climate Conference COP25 in Madrid. A very moving statement was read out by one of the Australian Fridays For Future students in…

Visitors flock to see Lithuanian Christmas tree that resembles chess piece

Every holiday season, the city of Vilnius — Lithuania’s capital — welcomes the season by erecting an unusual, massive Christmas tree in the city’s central Cathedral Square and Old Town area. Lit with 70,000 lights, this year’s tree is 27…

Mason scientist develops game to arm users against climate change ‘fake news’

(George Mason University) A George Mason scientist is developing a mobile game that will teach users to defend themselves from ‘fake news’ on climate change. Game builds resilience against misinformation; ‘inoculates’ users against fake news on climate change; gamifies critical thinking.George Mason University Professor John Cook, an expert on misinformation, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to enable development of the game, “Cranky Uncle,” for iPhone and Android phones. The crowdfunding page is: For more information:

What's wrong with batteries?

We are a country that loves our electronic gadgets, but when it comes to keeping them charged, it gets complicated. The Sierra Club estimates about 5 billion batteries are purchased in the United States every year, but less than 10%…

Adelphi, OHIO researchers determine dinosaur replaced teeth as fast as sharks

(Ohio University) A meat-eating dinosaur species that lived in Madagascar some 70 million years ago replaced all its teeth every couple of months or so, as reported in a new study published in the open-access journal PLOS ONE.

Dems Applaud Climate Protesters Who Stormed Harvard-Yale Game

As Yale and Harvard condemn the climate protests that delayed a football game between the two Ivy League universities Saturday, Democrat 2020 candidates have chosen to speak out in support of those who stormed the field. Divest Harvard and Fossil…

Promises, Promises: BMW Aims To Double Energy Density Of Batteries By 2030, But Will It Ever Mass Produce Electric Cars?

BMW battery research centerBMW says it is working on battery cells that will have twice the energy density of today’s cells — by 2030. The company deserves some credit for its recycling and ethical business practices but it needs to get in the electric car game in a big way soon.