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News about Climate Change and our Planet


An Australian inventor wants to stop global warming by electrifying everything – The Washington Post

AUSTINMER, Australia — During a TED talk, Australian inventor Saul Griffith wanted to show his audience how much a person’s individual choices can affect the planet. The person, in this case, was himself. About this series Climate Visionaries highlights brilliant…

Was North America populated by ‘stepping stone’ migration across Bering Sea?

(University of Kansas) A new study from the University of Kansas just published in the open-access journal Comptes Rendus Geoscience, may answer “one of the greatest mysteries of our time . . . when humans made the first bold journey to the Americas.”

Biden’s $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Is A Disaster For Unions

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. At what point do labor unions finally figure out that the Democrat Party is not their friend, that modern Democrats are anti-capitalist, anti-working class socialists of at least…

Is the Hyades star cluster being destroyed?

Data from ESA’s Gaia star-mapping satellite have revealed tantalizing evidence that the famous V-shaped Hyades – nearest star cluster to our sun – is being disrupted. The culprit may be a suspected population of dark matter sub-halos. Wow!

Global warming update and maybe check your home’s CO2 too – Hudson Valley One

Inexpensive, accurate carbon dioxide instrument showing a safe bedroom reading. (Photo by Bob Berman) In 2011, I traveled to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) climate center in Boulder, Colorado to see what the top researchers think, as research for…


Eco-Extremists Won’t Stop With The Keystone Pipeline

One theory as to why Team Biden killed the Keystone XL pipeline on Day One of his presidency is that the project had garnered so much notoriety. Keystone, the reasoning goes, had become a cause célèbre for the environmentalist left,…