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How dating during the pandemic is the same — and how it's not

Get in the right frame of mind before your call so you can enjoy it and be yourself. (Photo: F Armstrong Photography/ This isn’t the first time people have dated without meeting in person. And it isn’t the first time…

Race, Global Warming and the Experts –

Last week we considered the possibility that, precisely to the extent that human equality is the most important issue facing the world, to that extent liberal democracy can claim little legitimacy. It is certainly true that liberal democracies have produced…

Genetic origins of hybrid dysfunction

(Stanford University) Evolutionary biologists studying populations of hybrid fish have found two genes that contribute to melanoma – only the second time people have identified specific genes associated with dysfunction in hybrid vertebrates.

Why vitaparcours are the perfect pandemic exercise option

If you run outside and find yourself adding a short stairs routine or pushups against a picnic table during your run — or stretching out using the branch of a favorite tree — you’re already engaging in a version of…

Monkeys DIVE Into Pool For Fun | Primates | BBC Earth

A pool is the perfect place for these macaques to cool off on a hot day in Kathmandu, Nepal. But these cheeky monkeys don’t play by the rules!Subscribe: #Nepal #Monkeys #Primates Watch more:Planet Earth Planet Earth II…

Arcimoto Refocusing On Supporting Last-Mile Delivery & First Responders Amidst Global Pandemic

The designer and manufacturer of the fully electric three-wheeled Fun Utility vehicle and its last-mile delivery and first responder variants, Arcimoto is pivoting amidst the global pandemic. The unfortunate cards dealt by the coronavirus have countries around the world at a standstill and Arcimoto was no exception. The company responded by hitting pause on its Arcimoto Manufacturing Plant (AMP) and took a step back to reassess the need

This is why Zoom meetings are so exhausting

If you’re feeling a little tired these days, you’re hardly alone. The various fatigues afflicting humanity just keep piling up. There’s climate change fatigue. There’s compassion fatigue. And let’s not forget good old-fashioned fatigue-fatigue. It seems we live in a…