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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Eating less food from animal sources is key to reducing the risk of wildlife-origin diseases and global warming – The Conversation Indonesia

The world is at greater risk of infectious diseases that originate in wildlife because people are encroaching on tropical areas of wilderness to feed livestock and hunt wild animals. Tropical deforestation and over-hunting are also at the root of global…

Analysis | Climate change is pushing hospitals to tipping point – The Washington Post

Comment on this story Comment Gift Article Good morning! Climate 202 researcher Vanessa Montalbano is taking over today while Maxine is on vacation this week.  🚨: In today’s edition, we have an exclusive about a bipartisan group of former Environmental…

How Europeans saw climate change in June – POLITICO Europe

In June we heard from gardeners, fishers, readers who see their landscapes reshaped by fire and those just sweltering through record-breaking heat. Every month we are asking readers across Europe to tell us how they are experiencing their climate changing….

How Climate Change Is Leaving Some Species with ‘Nowhere Left to Go’ – Scientific American

For millennia, many animals and plants have coped with occasional climate changes by moving into new areas. But humans’ relatively recent burning of fossil fuels is pushing global temperatures upward at an exceptionally rapid rate, placing many species on what…

After Arrest, Climate Activist Goes On Rant That Jailhouse Food Wasn’t Vegan

A vegan climate activist who was arrested during this week’s Blockade Australia protests has shared a lengthy rant on social media where she complained about being fed a cheese sandwich. The protester, who goes by Holly Eckells on Facebook, was…

How Biden And The Dems Created The Refinery Bottleneck

“They don’t have to collude, they don’t have to form a cartel, they don’t have to be monopolists,” Stanford University economist Roger Noll said about oil refiners in California a few years back. “All they have to do is take…

How climate change is scorching South Asia – The New Arab

Global warming represents a threat to economies throughout South Asia, with warnings that in the long term, this phenomenon will reshape the region’s way of life unless world powers act now to stop the climate crisis. South Asia most often…

Enzyme Discovered in a Cemetery’s Compost Heap Can Break Down PET Plastic in Record Time

PET plastic bottles, food containers, and lightweight wrap for packaging have become a problem if they’re not recycled—but scientists searching through compost piles have discovered an enzyme that degrades the plastic in record time. The enzyme PHL7, which the German researchers found in a compost heap in Leipzig, could make bio-PET recycling possible much faster […]

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Climate-friendly diets can make a huge difference – even if you don’t go all-out vegan

Who chooses what you eat? If your answer is “I do,” you’re partly right. You may buy your own groceries and order your own restaurant meals, but it’s the food industry that determines what is stocked on store shelves and…

The Green Energy Chickens Have Come Home to Roost

This year will graphically demonstrate the malign consequences of the misguided efforts to replace cheap, reliable fossil fuel energy with unreliable, inefficient “renewable” energy like wind and solar. Never in history has a civilization willfully embarked on destroying its material…

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