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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


What does a cute space robot know about climate change? A lot, actually. – Mic

One afternoon last summer, as the worst wildfires in Oregon’s history raged outside, my toddler and I sat down to watch Wall-E, the 2008 animated film about the last robot left on Earth, who is trying to clean all the…

John Stossel On Being Smeared By Facebook’s Climate ‘Fact Checkers’

I just sued Facebook. I didn’t want to sue. I hate lawsuits. I tried for a year to reach someone at Facebook to fix things, but Facebook wouldn’t. Here’s the problem: Facebook uses “independent fact-checkers” to try to reduce fake…

Video: Life at 50C – The families forced to defend their homes from Australian bushfires (BBC)

This short BBC documentary investigates the climate change impacts of extreme heat and bushfires. It articulates climate change is here and now. It will get worse. But there are things we can do to change the direction of global warming….

Letter: Choose reliable sources on global warming – Chico Enterprise-Record

I am certain Martha Claudio was being facetious when she wrote “Seeking more info on weather highs and lows” Aug. 3. Martha clearly understands that asking Anthony Watts to expound on MMGW (Man Made Global Warming) is like asking a…

Biden blames Idaho wildfires on global warming – Fox News

President Joe Biden blamed the wildfires engulfing parts of Idaho and other western states on global warming, the effects of which he claimed can only get worse. Biden made the comments at a Monday roundtable in Boise, Idaho, where he…

How federal regulation, not climate change, explains California’s wildfire crisis: experts – Fox News

Democrats like President Biden often point to California’s devastating wildfires as evidence of climate change, but center-right policy experts claim that federal regulation and poor forest management, not climate change, best explain the fiery devastation in the Golden State. “The…

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp Australia to Ease Climate Change Denial – The New York Times

SYDNEY, Australia — After years of casting doubt on climate change and attacking politicians who favored corrective action, Rupert Murdoch’s media outlets in his native Australia are planning an editorial campaign next month advocating a carbon-neutral future. Depending on its…

CBS News Now Blaming Climate Change For Resurrected Taliban

CBS News just proved how far down the whirlpool of nonsense it’s willing to go. The outlet actually blamed climate change for Afghanistan’s terrorism outbreak following President Joe Biden’s massive foreign policy failure. CBS News climate and energy reporter Cara…

Bandicoots Return to Australian National Park After Being Locally Extinct For More Than a Century

Locally extinct bandicoots have returned to an Australian national park in New South Wales after more than 100 years. The nationally threatened species—known by local Aboriginal people as ‘talpero’—once ranged across inland Australia, including the area now managed as Sturt National Park. The small, native marsupials became extinct in the region after ecosystem changes caused […]

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