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Warming homogenizes apparent temperature sensitivity of ecosystem respiration – Science Advances

INTRODUCTION Terrestrial ecosystem respiration (Re), the sum of autotrophic respiration from primary producers and heterotrophic respiration from consumers and detritivores, represents a fundamental biospheric function and plays a major role in the global carbon cycle and growth rate of atmospheric…

Anti-Global-Warming-Hysteria Book Is Driving Norwegian Alarmists Nuts

Other than by misspelling “fjord,” how would an American geologist draw the ire of a pair of Norwegian politicians? Answer: Write a book that counters the notion that human activity is causing the globe to warm with catastrophic consequences. Gregory…

A Morning Cup of Coffee Not Only Charges You Up, But the Leftovers Have Reinvigorated Forests

A jolt of coffee in the morning sets the world’s workers right, but a new study shows that for trees, a bit of caffeine is just as good. Tropical forests can regrow much faster when running on the caffeine from coffee pulp, a waste product from coffee production. This was found in a direct case-control […]

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How Debt and Climate Change Pose ‘Systemic Risk’ to World Economy – The New York Times

How does a country deal with climate disasters when it’s drowning in debt? Not very well, it turns out. Especially not when a global pandemic clobbers its economy. Take Belize, Fiji and Mozambique. Vastly different countries, they are among dozens…

Climate change: An A-Z glossary of the words you need to know in the fight against global warming – Sky News

Climate change affects everybody on this planet, so it is important to know all the terminology surrounding it. Here are some of the most important words and phrases: Adaptation Changes in processes, practices and structures to help cope with the…

UN Taxing Aviation Industry For Century’s-Old CO2 Emissions

The discussion about Air Passenger Duty (APD) paid by airline customers to the UK Exchequer does not mention an additional tax paid by airlines. The UN’s Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) measures current aircraft emissions yet…

Climate scientists, what keeps you up at night? – DW (English)

What really makes this reporter’s stomach churn thinking about climate change? Thawing permafrost. A scenario where it all melts, releasing copious amounts of CO2 and methane (it holds twice as much carbon as the atmosphere holds right now), and there’s no going…

Aquatic ecosystems source of half of global methane emissions

(Yale School of the Environment) Methane emissions from aquatic ecosystems are potentially a larger source of methane than direct anthropogenic methane sources, such as agriculture or fossil fuel combustion. Aquatic ecosystems and wetlands contribute at least as much as half of the total methane emissions budget.