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News about Climate Change and our Planet


New weather warning gauge

(Flinders University) Australia, the driest inhabited continent, is prone to natural disasters and wild swings in weather conditions – from floods to droughts, heatwaves and bushfires. Now two new Flinders University studies of long-term hydro-climatic patterns provide fresh insights into the causes of the island continent’s strong climate variability which affect extreme wet or dry weather and other conditions vital to water supply, agriculture, the environment and the nation’s future.

An expert explains: What climate change means for coral – World Economic Forum

The world has lost 30% to 50% of its reefs in the last 40 years. Scientists have warned that remaining reefs could be gone within decades. Over the past century, sea surface temperatures have risen by an average of about…

Nature is Critical to Slowing Climate Change, But It Can Only Do So If We Help It First – InsideClimate News

No matter how many solar panels, wind turbines and electric cars are built between now and 2030, the world won’t meet its increasingly ambitious climate targets without a lot of help from forests, fields and oceans.  “Achieving net-zero by 2050…

Study offers earliest evidence of humans changing ecosystems with fire

(Yale University) Mastery of fire has given humans dominance over the natural world. A Yale-led study provides the earliest evidence to date of ancient humans significantly altering entire ecosystems with flames.

Paris climate accord leaders: What we do between now and 2030 will impact life on Earth for hundreds of years – CNBC

When the Paris Agreement was inked in 2015, the deadline of note was 2050. The goal to limit global warming called on all countries to decrease their greenhouse gas emissions “to achieve a climate neutral world by mid-century,” according to…

Biden Slamming The Door Shut On Much-Needed U.S. Mining

Early on, President Joe Biden promised multitudes of “good-paying, union jobs” to fuel his massive push for wind and solar-powered electric vehicles, EV charging stations, and the tiny portion of his “infrastructure” package that actually involves road and bridge construction….

UGA academics fight climate change through Drawdown Georgia – Red and Black

Academics at UGA have joined the fight against climate change and are finding ways to solve climate problems in their own backyard. Drawdown Georgia is an organization dedicated to combating climate change and significantly reducing Georgia’s carbon footprint by the…

The Arctic is greening, but not enough to help climate change, study finds – CTV News

TORONTO — While the Arctic is growing greener with climate change, scientists warn that it is not greening fast enough to absorb very much carbon dioxide. According to new research from scientists at Boston University and University of California Irvine…

How climate change is worsening drought – Environmental Defense Fund

Spring is in full swing across the U.S. – flowers are blooming, pollen is blowing – and this means that the 2021 heat wave, hurricane, and wildfire seasons are just around the corner. After the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season produced…