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Twenty-five trailblazing women leading the fight against climate change – Reuters

March 7 – With so many extraordinary women engaged in the battle against climate change, the biggest task in compiling Reuters Impact’s list of trailblazing women for International Women’s Day was whittling down our long list to only 25. We…

‘I warned the FBI about this guy Osama bin Laden’: the people who predicted disasters, from the 2008 crash to Covid

‘Thinking I could have stopped it is something I have to deal with’ Ali Soufan on 9/11 In October 2000, Ali Soufan, a 29-year-old Lebanese-American FBI agent, was driving across Brooklyn Bridge when his pager beeped. More than 7,000 miles…

The World Bank’s Green Imperialism

The World Bank is one of the cornerstones of the liberal international order that America built after World War II. The bank is also one of the reasons this American-led system finds so few friends in the developing world today….

China’s So-Called Green-Energy Push Meant To Dupe The US, Analyst Warns

Beijing is only attempting to appear as though it’s concerned about climate change to appease the West — all while China is using more domestic coal as a way to strengthen energy independence in case of a future conflict, according…

Chile Wildfires and Drought in Argentina: South America’s Heat Wave Prompts Climate Change Worries – Foreign Policy

Latin America Brief A one-stop weekly digest of politics, economics, technology, and culture in Latin America. Delivered Friday. Enter your email Sign Up ✓ Signed Up Unsubscribe By submitting your email, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of…

Biden’s Latest Lunacy: Climate Change A Bigger Threat Than Nuclear War

President Biden said in a Tuesday speech at a fundraiser that climate change is a bigger threat to humanity than nuclear war. Biden made the comments during a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in New York City. “If we don’t stay…

‘Princely’ Tomb of a Hunnic Warrior and his Horse Unearthed in Romania

Reprinted with Permission from World at Large, an independent news outlet focusing on travel, foreign policy, health and fitness, and more. Workers building a new highway in Romania were forced to call archaeologists when it became clear they were digging straight through the tomb walls of a “princely Hunnic warrior.” Dating to the 5th century […]

The post ‘Princely’ Tomb of a Hunnic Warrior and his Horse Unearthed in Romania appeared first on Good News Network.

Norway Is Planning to Profit From Climate Change – Foreign Policy

Analysis Norway Is Planning to Profit From Climate Change The oil-rich Nordic country is laying the groundwork to become a renewable energy superpower. By Brett Simpson, a Fulbright Fellow based in Berlin, Germany. German Economy Minister and Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck,…

What Climate Change Means for Central America, With Paul J. Angelo – Council on Foreign Relations

LINDSAY:Welcome to The President’s Inbox, a CFR podcast about the foreign policy challenges facing the United States. I’m Jim Lindsay, director of Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. This week’s topic is what climate change means for Central America….

Climate Change Is Fueling Migration. Do Climate Migrants Have Legal Protections? – Council on Foreign Relations

Susan Hayward, associate director of the Religious Literacy and the Professions Initiative at Harvard Divinity School, leads the conversation on religious literacy in international affairs.   FASKIANOS: Welcome to the final session of the Fall 2022 CFR Academic Webinar Series….

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