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Another Obama Solar Company Burns Out, Massive Ponzi Scheme

Another Obama solar initiative bites the dust, but not until after stealing millions from individuals, companies and the US government. This solar project turned into the largest Ponzi scheme in Eastern California history. It was reported this week that the…


Polluted wastewater in the forecast? Try a solar umbrella

Evaporation ponds, commonly used in many industries to manage wastewater, can occupy a large footprint and often pose risks to birds and other wildlife, yet they’re an economical way to deal with contaminated water. Now researchers have demonstrated a way to double the rate of evaporation by using solar energy and taking advantage of water’s inherent properties, potentially reducing their environmental impact.

The Five Craziest Campus Efforts To Fight The Climate Monster

This year, climate change was a top concern for college students and professors, and they found plenty of outlandish ways to express their concerns. From disruptions to attempts to control human behavior, Campus Reform has gathered a few of the…

World's oldest married couple celebrate their 80th wedding anniversary

John and Charlotte Henderson have a combined age of over 212 years. (Photo: Longhorn Village Senior Living) John and Charlotte Henderson were named the world’s oldest living couple by Guinness World Records. Now, they’re preparing to commemorate another incredible milestone….


ACTIVISM: Climate protesters get community service for disrupting game

Students from Harvard and Yale universities, along with others who staged a climate change protest on the field during last month’s football game between the Ivy League schools, were sentenced Friday to perform community service.

The ongoing rehabilitation of Michael Vick

The NFL recently announced that Michael Vick will be one of the captains in the 2020 Pro Bowl in January. During his 13-year career, the quarterback spent six seasons with the Atlanta Falcons and five with the Philadelphia Eagles before…

5 things to know about the National Dog Show

[embedded content] Forget football this Thanksgiving Day. For those who love dogs, watch the National Dog Show presented by Purina instead. You meet perfectly coiffed pooches representing 193 breeds, including one new addition, the Azawakh. You can keep up with…