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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Atmospheric science NOAA partnership renewed at Colorado State University

(Colorado State University) One of the nation’s most influential atmospheric science-oriented research institutes, based at Colorado State University, has been awarded a new $128 million cooperative agreement with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Earth’s oceans could rise over 6 feet by 2100 as polar ice melts, swamping coastal cities such as NYC – USA TODAY

A view of what New York City would look like under a worst-case sea-level rise scenario. (Photo: Climate Central) Miami? Underwater. Norfolk? Swamped. New York City? Fuggedaboutit. Top experts say that in a worst-case scenario, portions of these and other U.S. coastal…


Polls show climate change is a determining issue for 2020 elections

Recent polls indicate that climate change will be a central issue for voters in the upcoming 2020 presidential elections. According to the George Mason University poll, 38 percent of participants indicated that the topic is “very important” for their decision, while the lead researcher, Anthony Leiserowitz said: “this is truly a top-tier issue for the Democratic base.” The poll, released in early May only sampled 1,000 people, but the results are consistent with similar polls by Manmouth…

Homemade sunscreen won't protect your skin

Search online for DIY sunscreen recipes and you’ll find hundreds of thousands of results. People say they’re opting for homemade sunscreen for several reasons. Many want to know exactly what they’re applying to their skin. Others want to skip “toxic”…

In Illinois, Cars And Trucks Top Coal As Biggest Global Warming Contributor – Better Government Association

If Illinois is to seriously crack down on greenhouse gas emissions, it has to start with the tailpipes of cars and trucks and the same day-delivery desires of home shoppers even as policy makers set their sights on retiring an…

Bound for Mars in 2020

The spacecraft for NASA’s next Mars mission – Mars 2020 – is really beginning to take shape now. Here’s the complete cruise stage, suspended in a cleanroom at JPL. It’ll power and guide the spacecraft on its 7-month voyage to Mars.