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Why I’m climate striking against Fox News on Friday | Alexandria Villaseñor

This past Saturday, I was among hundreds of activists with the group Extinction Rebellion NYC who protested outside the New York Times headquarters in midtown Manhattan to demand better coverage of the climate crisis. Protesters lay down on Eighth Avenue,…

Apocalyptic Rhetoric Over Extreme Weather Keeps Heating Up. Experts Say Cool It

On June 7, I published an op-ed on this page telling the story of Roger Pielke Jr., a U.S. climate expert whose research on climate change and extreme weather didn’t support many of the alarmist slogans on the subject. Despite his…

The climate crisis and the end of the golden era of food choice –

Imagine waking up in a world that has become so hot and so crowded that most of what you eat has disappeared from the grocery store altogether. Or imagine eating only genetically engineered foods or a diet of exclusively liquid…

Those Lazy, Hazy, SNOWY Days of Summer

Nat King Cole recorded “Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer” way back in 1963. In “Those days of soda and pretzels and beer,” summers were hot, and the only thing frosty was the beer. Not so much this summer….

UTSA uses permeable pavements and grass to cool cities and clean the water

(University of Texas at San Antonio) The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) College of Engineering has been selected to receive approximately $2.6 million in City funding to complete three water sustainability projects in San Antonio. Five UTSA engineering professors and one environmental scientist from the College of Sciences will work on behalf of the City to demonstrate the viability of permeable parking lots, to use roadside vegetation and trenchless technology to improve water quality, and to mitigate inner city flooding.

Antarctica: a trip to the heart of global warming – EL PAIS

The Antarctic is the only continent in the world without any countries, borders or wars. But it is here, on a windy, lonely ‘island’ twice the size of Australia where 90% of the planet’s ice survives, that scientists are wrestling…

Climate breakdown to trigger debate over which cities to protect from rising sea levels – The Independent

As disaster costs keep rising across the United States, a troubling new debate has become urgent: if there’s not enough money to protect every coastal community from the effects of human-caused global warming, how should we decide which ones to…

What will make you believe in global warming? How about a life-altering flood, study asks – The Colorado Sun

After overflowing rivers swept away homes, tossed cars downstream and left entire neighborhoods swamped with mud, researchers had a question for the survivors of the epic Colorado floods of 2013. Do you believe in climate change now? Today’s the day….

With More Storms and Rising Seas, Which U.S. Cities Should Be Saved First? – The New York Times

WASHINGTON — As disaster costs keep rising nationwide, a troubling new debate has become urgent: If there’s not enough money to protect every coastal community from the effects of human-caused global warming, how should we decide which ones to save…