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The Great Green Energy Non-Transition

One of the troubling characteristics of today’s civic discourse is the tendency to confuse predictions with reality. Nowhere is this problem more severe than in the debate over climate and its associated issues. The last hundred years have seen increasing…

Membranes for capturing carbon dioxide from the air

(Kyushu University, I2CNER) CO¬2 capture from the air can mitigate further CO2 emissions, related increase in global temperature and climate change. Direct air capture of CO2 (DAC) is one of the promising ways for atmospheric CO2 extraction. In a new research paper, researchers propose CO2 capture from the air by membranes, which has been considered almost impossible for this challenging task.

Study Confirms Trump Is Right – ‘Clean’ Energy Isn’t Clean Or Green

Renewable energy is cripplingly expensive, hopelessly unreliable, massacres wildlife, destroys landscapes, destabilizes the grid, harms indigenous peoples, and causes climate change. But apart from that, it’s great, says a meticulous review published in the scientific journal Energies by a team…


New Climate Row: Alarming UN Report Contradicts Its Own Data

The United Nations has become caught up in a new climate row over a recent UN report which claims to show an increase in climate disasters – but which seems to be contradicted by its own data. The row was…

Adapting to 4°C of global warming – GOV.UK – GOV.UK

Before I start my speech, I’d like to add my condolences to the Committee on Climate Change and everyone who knew Professor Dame Georgina Mace. Georgina’s work assessing the impacts of climate change and the effect of adaptation on the…


Louisiana Hit By 3 Deadly Hurricanes This Season — Reflections While Riding Out Delta

Louisiana and the rest of the Gulf Coast face tropical storms and potentially hurricanes every year. Throughout my life, I’ve been really lucky. I was living in Shreveport and we were missed by Katrina. The first major storm I rode out was Rita

NASA finds hurricane delta packing heavy rainfall  

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) NASA’s satellite rainfall product that incorporates data from satellites and observations found that Hurricane Delta was bringing along heavy rainfall as it headed to the US Gulf Coast on Oct. 9.

Climate change could mean fewer sunny days for hot regions banking on solar power

Changes to regional climates brought on by global warming could make it so that areas such as the American Southwest that are currently considered ideal for solar power would be less viable in the future, a new study suggests. Higher surface temperatures will lead to more moisture, aerosols and particulates in the atmosphere, which may result in less solar radiation and more cloudy days. The study is the first to assess the day-to-day reliability of solar energy under climate change.