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Driving transformation with laser-guided autonomous vehicles

See how the machines are making work safer at one Georgia-Pacific plant in Crossett, Ark. Nobody – and nothing – is perfect. As Georgia-Pacific master technician Mike Cooper learned, sometimes even a gigantic rolling robot can benefit from a little…

Mysterious fast radio burst repeats in 16-day rhythm

For the first time, a fast radio burst has been found to be repeating, in a regular 16-day cycle. The baffling detection from the CHIME radio telescope deepens the mystery of these bizarre intergalactic objects.

9 things you didn't know about astronaut Christina Koch

NASA astronaut Christina Hammock Koch returned to Earth after setting a record for the longest single spaceflight in history by a woman. During her 328 days in space, she completed six spacewalks, including conducting the first all-female spacewalk with fellow…

17 dogs that really, really love sticks

Many dogs love sticks. For some, it’s the thrill of the chase when the stick is thrown. Others just like the satisfaction of gnawing on wood. And some just like carrying around their prize like a trophy. Plus, it doesn’t…


How and when spines changed in mammalian evolution

Researchers compared modern and ancient animals to explore how mammalian vertebrae have evolved into sophisticated physical structures that can carry out multiple functions. The comparison between complex spine of cats, the more uniform spine of lizard, and CT scans of synapsid fossils showed that the evolution of functions (e.g. bending, twisting) is driven by both selective pressures/behavior and the evolution of independent sections of the spine. The findings shed light on how mammals evolved.


Citizen science discovers a new form of the northern lights

Working together with space researchers, amateur photographers have discovered a new auroral form. Named ‘dunes’ by the hobbyists, the phenomenon is believed to be caused by waves of oxygen atoms glowing due to a stream of particles released from the sun.

Doggy blood donors save lives

Dog blood banks are much like people blood banks. Donors are screened, the blood is typed, and sometimes there’s a shortage. The U.S. typically faces dog blood shortage several times a year, says veterinarian Jean Dodds, who runs the Hemopet…