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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Woke Companies Must Wake Up To The Dangers Of ESG

Growing numbers of companies, banks, universities, and investment houses are adopting Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards and disclosure rules. They’re pressured to do so by activists, legislators, and regulators. Many expect to get rich via taxpayer-subsidized “renewable” energy projects….

Radical Green Groups Petition Govt. Agencies To Undermine Legal Hunting

Radical environmentalist groups that actively back Democrats have hunting in their crosshairs. And unsurprisingly, they’re exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic to target this pastime. The Center for Biological Diversity and Natural Resources Defense Council, two organizations who’ve made suing the government…

Opinion: Glacier raises questions about global warming – Northside Sun

Earlier this summer my wife and I visited several delightful locations along the coast of Maine. Yes, we gobbled lots of lobster! But we also experienced some wonderful sights. One example was on a hill about 300 ft. above a…

Scientists unsure about the role of climate change in Atlantic hurricanes – Cape Cod Times

Tropical Storm Henri is projected to intensify into a hurricane and, for now, is following in the footsteps of Hurricane Bob, tracking towards the Cape and Islands.  “It’s inevitable we are going to get hit by a major hurricane in New…

A Fisherman’s Underwater Sculptures Have Stopped Illegal Trawling – Bringing Art and Biodiversity Back to Italian Bay

When Paolo Fanciulli dropped 39 large marble sculptures down to the bottom of the sea off Tuscany’s Maremma Regional Park, it was not his first strike in the battle against unsustainable fishing, but it was his first step into the art world. This fascinating story, at the heart of which is a fascinating and charismatic […]

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The Arctic: Global Warming and Heated Politics – Foreign Policy Research Institute

The Arctic, a vast sea historically trapped in ice for most of the year, has long been an object of fascination for explorers. The search for a shortcut from Europe to Asia began as early as the 15th century by…

Mother Bears and Human Emotion

By Mike Fitz Meanings: survival, fairness, hunger, competition, danger, devotion, cooperation, Theme: How should we react when bears experience conflict and treat each other harshly or unfairly? Perhaps no other group of bears captures our attention like mothers and their…

Researching billions of years of climate change showed me the severity of our global warming crisis – iNews

Is this what climate breakdown looks like? Flames towering tens of metres into the air over Turkish villages. Commuters neck-deep in floodwater in Chinese subways. Canadian towns subjected to blowtorch heatwaves. I’ve watched the events of 2021 both as a…

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