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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Oceans Key To Global Warming Fight: US Climate Envoy – Barron’s

“You cannot solve the problem of the climate crisis without dealing with the ocean … and you can’t solve the problems in the oceans without dealing with climate,” US special envoy John Kerry told AFP CHANDAN KHANNA Safeguarding the world’s…

Oceans key to global warming fight: US climate envoy – FRANCE 24 English

Issued on: 28/06/2022 – 21:56Modified: 28/06/2022 – 21:54 Lisbon (AFP) – Safeguarding the world’s oceans will be fundamental to tackling global warming, US climate envoy John Kerry told AFP on Tuesday, warning that war in Ukraine and its economic fallout…

Mexico City’s Ban on Bullfighting Could be Death Knell to the Sport

Bullfighting is a romantic Spanish tradition that is said to be a tragedy ballet between the man and the bull. However richly that culture is ingrained in the traditions and histories of Spain, and by extension, Mexico, there’s no escaping the fact that for the bulls, who almost always lose the “fight,” it’s just a […]

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The Great Blue Wall Initiative: At the nexus of climate change, nature conservation, and the blue economy – Brookings Institution

The marine and coastal areas along the eastern shores of Africa contain rich, biodiverse, and under-threat flora and fauna unique for their biodiversity. The region hosts pristine coral reefs, carbon-rich mangrove forests, and sheltered seagrass beds, which support an abundance…

Shellfish poisoning: A neurotoxic consequence of global warming – Open Access Government

Over a month-long period in 1987, more than 150 people across Canada unknowingly consumed large quantities of contaminated mussels from Prince Edward Island in what turned out to be the largest documented case of human amnesic shellfish poisoning (ASP) to…

Innovative Italian Invents River Cleaner That Grabs Trash Using Water’s Current

An Italian firm has invented what seems to be the perfect tool for stopping plastic waste from reaching the ocean via a river. They had to check a lot of boxes. The device had to allow for boats to pass without effort, while being able to run 24/7 with no impact on the riverine environment. […]

The post Innovative Italian Invents River Cleaner That Grabs Trash Using Water’s Current appeared first on Good News Network.

According to Scientists, Climate Change Resilience Anticipated for British Corals – Nature World News

According to recent research, two of the world’s most common reef-building coral species are remarkably resilient to climate change-at least as long as global warming stays below 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit), the Paris Agreement’s objective. According to a…

Climate change and fire are threatening an ancient NM way of life – Albuquerque Journal

The columnist’s land in Guadalupita, which he inherited from his parents. (Courtesy of Jerry Pacheco) My parents’ families come from the tiny, adjacent northern New Mexico villages of El Turquillo and Guadalupita, which lie roughly halfway between the Village of…

The long-run effects of climate change on the corporate sector | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal –

Climate change is one of the major structural challenges the global economy is currently facing (Blanchard and Tirole 2022), and economists are devoting a great effort to investigate its multifaceted implications (e.g. Weder di Mauro 2021). In particular, high temperatures…

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