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News about Climate Change and our Planet


After Striking Out In Florida, Climate Litigators Target Honolulu

The list of cities, states, and counties suing energy companies continues to grow, as trial attorneys after hefty contingency fees continue their search for their next client. After a failed attempt by climate litigants in Fort Lauderdale, a spate of…

7 haunting songs sung by whales

Scientists have been studying humpback whale songs for decades, but their meaning remains mysterious. (Photo: Shutterstock) Whales were in dire straits in the 1960s, reduced to a shadow of their former glory by more than a century of overzealous hunting….

Winning Nat Geo photos reveal nature and humanity at their finest

National Geographic asked readers to show them the world, and these photographers didn’t disappoint, offering inspiring images from their travels. For the 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest, the judges chose winning images in three categories — cities, people and…

Trump’s DOI Axing 7,500 Regs To Expand Fishing/Hunting On Federal Lands

Trump’s Cabinet is putting his America First policies into place, including at the Department of Interior, where Secretary David Bernhardt announced a plan to open up more than 1.4 million acres of federal land through the elimination of some 7,500…


Three great ideas for the outdoorsy dad

About one in six men in the United States are fathers. That’s more than 70 million dads . It can be tempting to focus their Father’s Day on finding the perfect camping gadget, the best new fishing rod, or the latest hiking gear.

Climate change benefits for giant petrels

(University of Exeter) Giant petrels will be ‘temporary’ winners from the effects of climate change in the Antarctic region — but males and females will benefit in very different ways, a new study shows.