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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Electric Vehicle Charging Sparks Multiple House Fires

About three weeks ago in Ashburn, Virginia, there was an electric vehicle charging malfunction that started a fire in a garage and caused more than $15,000 in damages. That was not the only fire sparked by an electric vehicle, WTOP…

Lucky Rescue for 5 Sheep Stuck on English Rooftop

It was a case of ‘all’s wool that ends wool’ for five sheep who found themselves on the rooftop of a house in Yorkshire—and were successfully rescued by local firemen. While goats are famous for appearing on all fours in places that boggle the mind, these five farm sheep had apparently leapt from a nearby […]

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Open House: what steps should the government take to mitigate effects of climate change? – The Tribune India

Alarm bells can’t ring more vigorously Finally, the fire of global warming has reached our doorsteps and we are now experiencing the threat perception of climate change as never before in real terms. Environmental disasters are no more global issues…

Global Warning: Extreme weather conditions are sweeping large parts of the world – The Financial Express

Climate change has been at the top of the agenda for many nations across the world. Why would some global leaders otherwise appoint ‘chief heat officers’, who have the most important tasks at hand—to deal with rising temperatures in their…

Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms ‘Reversed’ by Mini Implant Bringing Hope

A small implant connected to electrodes inserted into the skull bone is providing huge relief to younger patients living with Parkinson’s disease, such that it could allow sufferers to pick up fine motor skills like playing golf again. While it isn’t a cure, the implant is a treatment that makes living with Parkinson’s ten times […]

The post Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms ‘Reversed’ by Mini Implant Bringing Hope appeared first on Good News Network.

Fact Check: Are New Mexico Wildfires Starting Earlier From Climate Change?

A recent Yahoo News story claims wildfires in New Mexico are starting earlier because of climate change. This is false. Although New Mexico’s wildfire season typically reaches its peak in May and June, wildfires in April, and even March, are…

Biden’s War On Energy Is Hobbling America

With a gallon of gas averaging $4.19 nationwide and $5.74 in California, Americans are being told that soaring energy prices are an ephemeral problem created by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and have nothing to do with Joe Biden’s long-term energy…

Why Climate Change Makes It Harder to Fight Fire With Fire – The New York Times

“As the wildfire seasons get longer, those folks are gone for longer,” said Dan Porter, the forest program director in California at The Nature Conservancy, an environmental nonprofit. “When they come back, we may say, ‘Hey, would you like to…

Polluters are using forests as ‘carbon offsets.’ Climate change has other plans. – National Geographic

On July 6, 2021, lightning ignited a fire in the Fremont-Winema National Forest of southern Oregon, in an area packed with dead trees from a mountain pine-beetle outbreak. Fueled by drought, the Bootleg fire exploded, at one point consuming 1,000…

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