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Helsinki launches a sustainability app for the city

The app helps users decide on activities, transportation options and shops by toggling specific sustainability filters to find choices that best suit their preferences and meet environmental metrics.


New information on tropical parasitoid insects revealed

(University of Turku) The diversity and ecology of African parasitoid wasps was studied for over a year during a project run by the Biodiversity Unit of the University of Turku in Finland. Parasitoid wasps are one of the animal groups that are the most rich in species. However, the tropical species are still very poorly known. Understanding the diversity of parasitoid wasps inhabiting rainforests is important, because tropical biodiversity is dwindling at an accelerating rate.

Life on thin ice: mental health at the heart of the climate crisis

A thin blanket of fog curls over the block before it disappears back out to sea. Exhale. Inhale. The freezing breaths of a dormant leviathan – slumbering somewhere out in the depths. It’s 1am and judging by the flickering glow…

What Worries Iceland? A World Without Ice. It Is Preparing. – The New York Times

HÖFN, Iceland — From the offices of the fishing operation founded by his family two generations ago, Adalsteinn Ingólfsson has watched the massive Vatnajökull glacier shrink year after year. Rising temperatures have already winnowed the types of fish he can…

Rye is healthy, thanks to an interplay of microbes

Eating rye comes with a variety of health benefits. A new study now shows that both lactic acid bacteria and gut bacteria contribute to the health benefits of rye. The study used a metabolomics approach to analyze metabolites found in food and the human body.

Machine learning helps predict if storms will cause blackouts

(Aalto University) Summer thunderstorms that knock out power grids are common around the world, and can be a problem in Finland. A collaboration between computer scientists at Aalto University and the Finnish Meteorological Institute applies machine learning to predict how damaging a storm will be.

Europe’s Greens are on fire… and it’s not just because of the sweltering heat | James Dennison

As Europe suffers another summer of record-breaking heatwaves, it is worth reflecting on the group perhaps least happy to benefit from the soaring temperatures – Green parties across the continent, which are, however, in a better electoral position than ever….