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Climate migrants: How even rich Bavaria cannot provide shelter from global warming – Euronews

“We took ketchup.” This is the only food Karl Bretzendorfer remembers taking up to the attic where he spent 13 days trapped with his wife Irina, as the waters rose around them in what Chancellor Angela Merkel called “the flood…


FINANCE: Greens want BlackRock to prioritize climate as it helps Fed

Environmentalists are calling on BlackRock Inc. to keep climate change in mind now that the world’s largest asset manager has been tapped by the Federal Reserve to help protect the U.S. economy from the coronavirus crisis.

Coral tells own tale about El Niño’s past

(Rice University) Rice University and Georgia Tech scientists use data from ancient coral to build a record of temperatures in the tropical Pacific Ocean over the last millennium. The data question previous links between volcanic eruptions and El Niño events.

Fighting The Deep Green State Down Under

A story in the Guardian has demonstrated the impotence of government against the Deep State — Deep Green State — machinery that it nominally controls. This involved an attempt, in line with government policy, to divert money from the Emissions Reduction…


BRITAIN: Adviser Carney says virus won’t change emissions cut plans

Mark Carney, the former Bank of England chief who is now advising U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson on climate finance, said Britain’s commitment to cutting carbon emissions remains undimmed amid the coronavirus pandemic.


FINANCE: U.S. banks fuel ‘climate chaos’ — report

The world’s largest banks have funneled more than $2.7 trillion into fossil fuels since 2016, a new analysis says, powering an energy expansion that has significantly increased global climate risks.