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Monkeys inform group members about threats — following principles of cooperation

Humans are often faced with the choice of investing in the greater good or being selfish and letting others do the work. Animals that live in groups often encounter threats, and informing others could potentially save lives. Researchers show that wild sooty mangabeys, when facing dangerous vipers, do not just call out of fear or to warn their family, but will call when the information about the threat might otherwise not reach all group members.

A better way to convert dog years to human years

Researchers collected DNA samples from 104 Labrador retrievers over a 16-year period. They compared changes in their DNA samples against DNA previously collected from humans. The result? A better sense of what a “dog year” really means.

Ants Rip Queen’s Legs Off | Empire Of The Desert Ants | BBC Earth

In the final days of empire, the colony is at its most vulnerable; and the Queen meets her final grisly end.Subscribe: Watch more:Planet Earth Planet Earth II Dinosaur Natural World: Empire Of The Desert AntsAgainst…

Old Reno & The Promise Of New Reno. How Is Tesla Gigafactory Shifting Nevada?

Forget the latest Hollywood film noir and spend some time learning about this story instead. The story is that of Reno, Nevada, and the location of the original Tesla Gigafactory. The historical drama, a true story, unfolds with twisting and dark details. The story came to light due to the notable new podcast series The City (USA Today’s investigative podcast). Episode 4 of season 2 is titled “West World.”

Winning images of British Ecological Society photography competition announced

(British Ecological Society) An image of a Malagasy tree boa perched in a tree, taken by Roberto García Roa, has been awarded Overall Winner in the British Ecological Society’s annual photography competition, ‘Capturing Ecology.’

Clive James: Mass Death Dies Hard

Preface: Clive James, legendary Australian author, poet, humorist & climate skeptic, has died. The GWPF has republished his 2017 essay ‘‘Mass Death Dies Hard’‘ in his memory. * * * * * The proponents of man-made climate catastrophe have asked…


Japanese anime and zoos boost public interest in conservation of real-life animal characters

Animated shows with animal characters — specifically the Japanese anime Kemono Friends — can increase public interest in real wildlife, including boosting donations to conservation programs at zoos. A new national analysis in Japan highlights the potential of entertainment-conservation partnerships to increase public interest in the natural world even as communities become increasingly urbanized.

An alarming amount of toxic mercury can now be found in coastal fog

It’s been nearly 40 years since John Carpenter’s cult-classic horror film, “The Fog,” was unleashed upon the world, and it continues to haunt us in some unexpectedly realistic ways. In the film, a deadly supernatural fog engulfs a California coastal…

Young designer creates plastic alternative from fish waste and algae

It hopefully will be used to wrap sandwiches or carry baked goods instead of the cling wraps and plastics now on the market. The winning design for this year’s international James Dyson Award is a plastic alternative made out of…

Global Warming, Mental Illness, And Greta Thunberg

After traveling across the United States and parts of Canada, Greta Thunberg, the sixteen-year-old Swedish climate activist, has set sail back to Europe. This time, she’s hitching a ride with an Australian couple sailing around the world in a 48-foot catamaran…