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The Best Whale Moments Captured on Film | Top 5 | BBC Earth

From humpbacks dancing, to swimming with sperm whales, these are our top whale moments.Subscribe: #Whales #MarineWildlife #Top5 Watch more:Planet Earth Planet Earth II Dinosaur Welcome to BBC EARTH! The world is an amazing place full…

Internet Bashes Obama For Using Pandemic To Push Climate Alarmism

Former President Barack Obama criticized the Trump administration for rolling back policies he put into place to combat global warming, but many objected to his comparison to the coronavirus pandemic. “We’ve seen all too terribly the consequences of those who…

Experiments lead to slip law for better forecasts of glacier speed, sea-level rise

(Iowa State University) Backed by experimental data from a laboratory machine that simulates the huge forces involved in glacier flow, glaciologists have written an equation that accounts for the motion of ice that rests on the soft, deformable ground underneath unusually fast-moving parts of ice sheets. Models using the equation — a ‘slip law’ — could better predict how quickly glaciers are sliding, how much ice they’re sending to oceans and how that would affect sea-level rise.


Microplastics found in a quarter of San Diego estuary fish

Nearly a quarter of fish collected from a San Diego stream contain microplastics. The study, which examined plastics in coastal sediments and three species of fish, showed that the frequency and types of plastic ingested varied with fish species and, in some cases, size or age of fish.

10 women who made automotive history

From record-breaking races to inspirational innovation, women have been an invaluable force in the automotive industry since its inception. As we recognize Women’s History Month in March, here are 10 women whose contributions to the car world have earned them…

See the zodiacal light

The weeks around an equinox are the best time to look for it. With the moon waning again, those in the Northern Hemisphere might glimpse the mysterious zodiacal light in the west after true darkness falls. Southern Hemisphere? Look east before dawn.

Top 3 Picks: New Global Warming Documentaries – Science Times

(Photo : Bala on Flickr) The National Geographic defines Global Warming as “the long-term warming of the overall temperature of the planet.” Although this trend in global warming has been going on for a long time now, its space has…