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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


North Carolina climate change deniers owe the world an apology –

The summer has been marked by intense storms and record heat. (Getty Images/Greg Cruthis) As you’ve no doubt noticed, our state, nation and planet are experiencing yet another summer of record heat and intense storms. As scientists have been explaining…

Climactivists Rage At Taylor Swift Taking 170 Private Jet Trips In One Year

Climate activists have been raging at pop star Taylor Swift after learning her private jet has taken 170 flights so far this year. According to research from Yard, a sustainable marketing agency that gathered “cutting-edge data” on the celebrities with…

Can sharks smile?

Dogs, monkeys and dolphins all show expressions akin to human smiles. But can sharks smile? They may look as if they’re smiling, but are they, really?

The post Can sharks smile? first appeared on EarthSky.

Global Warming: Do Our Children Have a Future? – Daily Kos

Carlson is a master of distraction and incitement.                  (This article had been in the works for months. I had not wanted to publish it, but I’m now convinced that it’s warranted.) Scientists some…

In Case of Climate Emergency: Deploying Space Bubbles To Block Out the Sun – SciTechDaily

If climate change has already gone too far, what could be our emergency solutions? Credit: MIT “Space Bubbles” – The Deflection of Solar Radiation Using Thin-Film Inflatable Bubble Rafts An interdisciplinary group of scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology…

Meet The Mad Titans Dictating We Worship At The Climate Change Altar

In the Marvel film “Avengers: Infinity War,” Thanos, a superbeing from another planet, is seeking six gems — the Infinity Stones — to put into the Infinity Gauntlet, a weapon which, when completed, enables the one who wears it to…

‘Global Warming’ Documentary Offers a New Take on Climate Change – Green Matters

Global Warning was nominated for six Alberta Film and Television Awards, including Best Documentary. Interviewees involved in the project include Catherine Abreu, Ian Clark, Patrick Moore, Gwyn Morgan, Fritz Vahrenholt, Ray Owl, John Perkins, Danielle Smith, Robert Watson, and more.

Fact check: Study misrepresented to wrongly claim global warming has slowed – msnNOW

Physics Nobel winner on urgency of climate change What to watch next Click to expand Replay Video ‘British filmmaker with unprecedented Trump access’ getting attention on the Hill journalist says The Jan. 6 committee announcing a surprise hearing for Tuesday…

Climate change: ‘Space Bubble’ shield could block sun’s rays – World Economic Forum

MIT researchers are exploring the possibility of floating frozen bubbles made of a thin film above Earth to reflect the sun’s rays, called ‘Space Bubbles’. This is a variation on the common geoengineering idea of a solar shield, which blocks…

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