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Revelry and rebellion: is this the greenest Glastonbury yet?

Twelve years ago, Sheryl Crow was laughed at for suggesting that green-minded people should use only a single square of toilet paper every time they go to the loo (or two to three sheets for “pesky situations”). Well, we’re not…


David Attenborough praises Glastonbury for going plastic-free

David Attenborough made a surprise appearance on the final day of Glastonbury festival, thanking the crowds for helping to reduce the use of plastic at the event. The broadcaster and naturalist said his series Blue Planet 2, which detailed the…

World Cultural Council has announced the winners of the 2019 Albert Einstein World Award of Science

(Consejo Cultural Mundial) The winner of the 2019 Albert Einstein World Award of Science is Dr. Zhong Lin Wang, Chair and Regents Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. The 2019 Leonardo da Vinci World Award of Arts will be presented to Portuguese independent film producer, Paulo Branco.


Your favorite playlist has a carbon footprint

Your favorite playlist has a carbon footprint You would think streaming music is more ecofriendly than CDs, tapes and records, right? Afterall, there’s no waste. A new study by the Universities of Glasglow and Oslo calculated the carbon footprint associated with downloading and streaming music and the footprint is surprising. According to data from 2015 and 2016, music streaming accounted for 200 to 350 million kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions. By the numbers The study used data records…

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Ertingen is a town in southern Germany that lies along the Danube River. The area is known for its hiking opportunities, a recreational lake, a community indoor swimming pool and many annual festivals. Although Ertingen is becoming more commercialized and…

The bitter legal battle behind Georgia's sweet Vidalia onion

Southeast Georgia onion farmers are ready for the spring harvest and sale of one of the nation’s most iconic agricultural products, the sweet-tasting Vidalia onion. As eager cooks head out to buy them, they might be interested to know that…

The secret to a stable society? A steady supply of beer doesn’t hurt

Scientists analyzed bits of beer vessels from an ancient Peruvian brewery to learn what the beer was made of and where the materials to make the vessels came from. They learned that production was local and that the ingredients for the beer included pepper berries that would grow even in droughts. The authors argue that this steady, reliable access to beer helped maintain unity in the empire.