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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Climate Change Likely To Abruptly Impact Algae in the Global Ocean – SciTechDaily

Scientists sample a brown mat of aggregated phytoplankton. Credit: Katrin Schmidt Global warming is likely to cause abrupt changes to important algal communities because of shifting biodiversity ‘break point’ boundaries in the oceans – according to research from the University…

To prevent catastrophic global warming, we need to leave fossils fuels in the ground – Popular Science

Carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels must nearly completely cease in the next couple decades to have a chance at keeping climate warming within a relatively safe level for humanity. As last month’s IPCC report made clear, even if…

On borrowed time: How long to a Miocene-like tropical ~+4°C world?

On borrowed time: How long to a Miocene-like tropical ~+4°C world? by A/Prof Andrew Glikson Earth and climate scientist Toward late this century global temperatures are likely to either reach super-tropical levels of >>14°C or/and extreme levels of storminess consequent…

Harvard names vice provost for climate and sustainability

James H. Stock, a Harvard professor and economist known for his expertise on energy and environmental policy, has been named the University’s inaugural vice provost for climate and sustainability.

Global Warming Simulation Reveals Possible End of El Niño/ La Niña Temperature Cycle – SciTechDaily

Surface ocean temperatures simulated at unprecedented resolution using a coupled atmosphere-ocean model. The extensive wavy cold structure in the equatorial Pacific corresponds to a tropical instability wave. Simulations were conducted on the IBS/ICCP supercomputer Aleph. Credit: Institute for Basic Science…

Wood Alternative Sustainably Made From Kombucha Waste Wins 2021 Dyson Award

This year’s American James Dyson Award winner, Gabe Tavas, takes on deforestation with his invention, Pyrus. His mission is simple: Make wood without cutting down trees. By embracing a balance between nature and design, Gabe found a way to use bacterial cellulose—the main component of wood—to form an alternative material which imitates exotic woods found in the Amazon Rainforest. Gabe claims […]

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Fact check: Climate experts review 8 claims made by Kansas Sen. Mike Thompson at oil and gas convention – The Topeka Capital-Journal

Do humans and carbon dioxide have no effect on climate change? Is science being weaponized, and are scientists comparable to Nazi propagandists? That’s what one politician told the Kansas Independent Oil & Gas Association during its annual convention in Wichita…

IPCC issues dire warning on global warming – Frontline

There will be no ifs and buts or maybes any more. Sceptics can now quit the debate on climate change. Eight years after the last report (AR5), Part 1 of the Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) of the United Nations Intergovernmental…

How the world already prevented far worse warming this century – MIT Technology Review

But the virtues of the agreement, ultimately ratified by every country, are more widespread than its impact on the ozone hole. Many of those chemicals are also powerful greenhouse gases. So as a major side benefit, their reduction over the…

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