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Why Was $66 Billion Spent On Renewables Before The Texas Blackouts?

The oldest maxim in politics is “follow the money.” That maxim also applies to electric grids. Following the billions of dollars that have been spent on the Texas grid explains why the state continues to have electricity shortages. On Monday,…

Biden’s Electric Vehicle Subsidies: A ‘Green’ Giveaway To The Rich

Regardless of party affiliation, few Americans support taxpayer subsidies for the rich and well-off. But if you look closely at his plans for electric vehicles, that’s exactly what President Biden is currently promoting. The president included a whopping $174 billion…

Electric Vehicles: Biden’s Green Folly

Like so many other leftist dogmas, radical environmentalism has been adopted by the Democrat party, and now Joe Biden is determined to force electric cars on Americans despite their limitations. Last week, Biden announced that the federal government will cut carbon dioxide…


ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE: Hardship binds flood survivors: ‘All we have is each other’

One of the most effective environmental justice groups you never heard of operates not from New York City or Washington, but from a tiny town in northern Florida at the edge of the Alachua Sink, an ancient lake bed that fills up during major storms.

Yes, Texas’s Blackouts Are The Result Of Unreliable ‘Green’ Energy

As Texans reel from ongoing blackouts at the worst possible time, during a nationwide cold snap that has sent temperatures plummeting to single digits, the news has left people in other states wondering: How could this happen in Texas, the…


A Good Example of the CO2 Abatement “Stupid Stuff”

In my transpartisan climate plan the other day, I wrote this: Point 3:  Eliminate all the stupid stuff Oddly enough, this might be the hardest part politically because every subsidy, no matter how idiotic, has a hard core of beneficiaries…

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