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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Think Sunak’s anti-refugee stance is bad? Just wait till the climate crisis truly ravages poorer countries | Owen Jones

Consider Abdul, a 26-year-old Darfuri refugee whose fellow villagers were burnt to death by Janjaweed, an Arab-supremacist militia. Think of Parwaiz, a cherubic 15-year-old Afghan boy with striking blue eyes, his father blown apart by a Taliban bomb. Or ponder…

Miracle Rescue as Missing Skier Buried by Avalanche with Only One Arm Showing Flags Down Helicopter (WATCH)

This is the incredible moment a missing backcountry skier buried under snow was able to wave down a rescue chopper with only his one arm sticking out. The video, shot by paramedic Mathieu Lambert, shows the man desperately waving with his only free limb as the helicopter hovered above, while shining a light on the […]

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‘I warned the FBI about this guy Osama bin Laden’: the people who predicted disasters, from the 2008 crash to Covid

‘Thinking I could have stopped it is something I have to deal with’ Ali Soufan on 9/11 In October 2000, Ali Soufan, a 29-year-old Lebanese-American FBI agent, was driving across Brooklyn Bridge when his pager beeped. More than 7,000 miles…

Climate protestors gather across Germany to demand tougher government action against global warming – Fox News

Climate protesters, young and old, gathered Friday in Berlin and dozens of other German cities to demand tougher government action against global warming, particularly when it comes to curbing greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector. The Free Democrats, a…

Cybersecurity ‘gaps’ exposed by hacks, paper says – as it happened

From 9h ago The Optus and Medibank incidents have exposed “gaps” in Australia’s existing incident response functions, according to a discussion paper released this afternoon. The discussion paper calls for regulatory changes – including potentially a new Cyber Security Act….

‘Help us fight’: California farmers ask for more aid after deadly storms

As a series of deadly storms whipped through California’s wine country, liquefying fields and turning vineyards into wading pools, thousands of farm workers in the region were forced to stay home. Though the power has been long since restored and…

The never-ending fallout of the northern rivers floods: ‘People are just worn down’

In February the hills and valleys of the New South Wales northern rivers are green and lush and fertile in the late summer sun. There is brightness in the madly proliferating tropical flora, radiance in the golden hour of the…

‘Nature will punish you’: Asif Kapadia and Akram Khan on their climate crisis dance film

In the opening scene of Creature, a new film based on an English National Ballet production at Sadler’s Wells two years ago, a man appears out of nowhere, writhing, squirming, twitching. He is not in agony, but suffering from something…

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