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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


German Govt In Crisis For Opposing EU Ban On Combustion Engines

A clash over climate protection measures is threatening to unravel Germany’s three-party governing alliance after the Green party accused its liberal coalition partners of gambling away the country’s reputation by blocking an EU-wide phase-out of internal combustion engines in cars….

Renovation Unearths Paintings Behind Kitchen Walls Nearly 400-Years-old

In York, a seemingly normal apartment was hiding a historic secret for centuries until a kitchen remodeling exposed it to the light of day. 29-year-old Luke Budworth received a call from the men putting a new kitchen into his apartment. It read “did you know there was a painting behind here?” It wasn’t a painting, […]

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Generations of climate change in one graphic – Axios

This figure from figure SPM.1 in the United Nations IPCC’s AR6 Synthesis Report shows the observed and possible projected global temperature trends and how they would impact different generations. Image: UN IPCC A new graphic released Monday from the UN…

Meet the New Population-Control Movement – The Atlantic

Scolding regular people for contributing to climate change is out of fashion. But scolding people for making new people is, apparently, totally fine. Many climate activists say the worst thing an individual can do, from an emissions perspective, is have…

Facebook: Extending Its Legacy Of Science Denial And Censorship

To no one’s surprise, Facebook continues to reject any scientific data that does not support their “consensus” narrative of man-made catastrophic warming by rejecting an ad placed by the CO2 Coalition, in Arlington, Virginia. The ad is based on well-documented…

Biggest carbon credit certifier to replace its rainforest offsets scheme

The world’s leading carbon credit certifier – used by Disney, Shell, Gucci and other big corporations for climate claims – has said it will phase out and replace its rainforest offsets programme by mid-2025 after a Guardian investigation found it…

Biden’s Schizoid Energy Policy Deepens: Delays Offshore Oil, Gas Leasing Again

The Biden administration quietly acknowledged in a court filing earlier this week that it won’t issue a final decision on future offshore oil and gas leasing until the end of 2023. The Biden administration has stated that it will not…

Even with ‘moderate emissions’, India’s heat is set to get worse – The Hindu

The climate crisis is no longer a distant event that might happen in the future. It is here, bringing new and previously unimaginable challenges. Temperatures are rising, rainfall patterns are shifting, and extreme events such as record-high temperatures and heavy…

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