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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Climate change: Warming signal links global floods and fires – BBC News

Image copyright Getty Images With homes under water in South Yorkshire, near record flooding in Venice, and burgeoning wildfires in Australia, many people are asking if and how climate change is connected to these extreme weather events. What can we…

Europe’s lax speed limits once appeared irrevocable. Global warming and pollution are changing that. – Washington Post

Rutte was widely considered to be a pro-motorist leader. But in May, the country’s top court ruled that the Netherlands was violating European Union law and needed to drastically curb nitrogen pollution and nitrogen oxide emissions — a source of…

Climate change influenced rise and fall of Northern Iraq’s Neo-Assyrian Empire

(American Association for the Advancement of Science) Changes in climate may have contributed to both the rise and collapse of the Neo-Assyrian Empire in northern Iraq, which was considered the most powerful empire of its time, according to a new study. The results suggest that multi-decade megadroughts aligned with the timing of the empire’s collapse in 609 BCE, triggering declines in the region’s agricultural productivity that led to political and economic demise within 60 years.

Meet The 12-Year-Old Girl Who Documented Climate Change From Nicaragua

By The Beam Editor-in-Chief Anne-Sophie Garrigou “Many of us are aware, but not all of us are concerned.” 12-year-old Edelsin Linette Mendez lives with her siblings and parents on their small coffee farm in the beautiful highlands of Nicaragua. Coffee farming has supported the Mendez and thousands of other families for generations, with coffee accounting [&hellip

Researchers find 'alarming' loss of insects in large-scale study in Germany

Insects are in more trouble than we thought. A large-scale study has found that insects in German forests and grasslands have declined by about one-third in just the past decade. That follows on the heels of a 27-year study that…

Why it's OK to disagree about politics

Many friendly get-togethers and family gatherings have been ruined by heated political debates, and the potential for political disagreement makes many of us uneasy. In fact, a poll conducted by PBS NewsHour, NPR and Marist found that 58 percent of…

Climategate: Ten Years Later

This month marks the tenth anniversary of “Climategate” – the release of thousands of emails to and from climate scientists who had been (and still are) collaborating and colluding to create a man-made climate crisis that exists in their minds…


Guardian environment writers: ‘With your help, we are tackling humankind’s greatest challenge’

George Monbiot, columnist and author of several books on the climate crisis Before I worked for the Guardian, I tried writing for other newspapers, in the belief I should reach the unconverted. But I gradually discovered that all of them…

The healthiest foods for us are also the healthiest for the planet

The foods that do a body good may also do our planet the least harm. A major new study, published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, offers a comprehensive look at the health and environmental…

Where to install renewable energy in US to achieve greatest benefits

(Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health) A new Harvard study shows that to achieve the biggest improvements in public health and the greatest benefits from renewable energy, wind turbines should be installed in the Upper Midwest and solar power should be installed in the Great Lakes and Mid-Atlantic regions.