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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Global warming challenges grapegrowers to find answers – Napa Valley Register

Global temperature increases are affecting grapevines, and vineyardists are looking for answers. As temperatures rise, the results are increased variability and extreme weather conditions. Exactly how the Napa Valley and other wine-growing regions respond and work to help alleviate the…

Amazon forest disturbance is changing how plants are dispersed

(British Ecological Society) New research finds tropical forest disturbance goes beyond species loss and includes a shift towards smaller seeds and an increase in the proportion of trees dispersed by animals, impacting how the ecosystem functions. The findings are published in the British Ecological Society journal, Journal of Ecology.

5,200-year-old grains in the eastern Altai Mountains redate trans-Eurasian crop exchange

(Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History) Cereals from the Fertile Crescent and broomcorn millet from northern China spread across the ancient world, integrating into complex farming systems that used crop-rotation cycles enabled by the different ecological regions of origin. The resulting productivity allowed for demographic expansions and imperial formation in Europe and Asia. In this study, an international, interdisciplinary team of scientists illustrate that people moved these crops across Eurasia earlier than previously realized, adapting cultivation methods for harsh agricultural environments.


CALIFORNIA: State can be carbon neutral in 25 years with drastic action

California can hit its goal of going carbon neutral by 2045 if it pulls emissions out of the air and slashes greenhouse gases from farming, landfills and other sources, according to a federal study released yesterday.

As Our Planet Gets Greener, Plants Are Slowing Global Warming – BU Today

Chi Chen, a Boston University graduate researcher, and Ranga Myneni, a BU College of Arts & Sciences professor of earth and environment, are authors on a new paper that reveals how humans are helping to increase the Earth’s plant and…

How Radical Enviros Made Africa’s Locust Problem Worse

Two weeks ago a Boeing 737 on final approach to Dire Dawa, Ethiopia, flew into a massive cloud of locusts swarming above the airport. The insects were sucked into the plane’s engines and splattered across the windshield, blinding the pilots to the runway ahead….

Climate Change Basics: What is Driving Global Climate Change? – News On 6

Technology Sunday, January 26th 2020, 1:42 PM CST While this may seem scary, there are actual scientific reasons that this is happening. What is causing this temperature change? What else is happening besides global warming? What should you know going…