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Why not bring a shelter dog home for the holidays?

As your family gathers together for the holidays this season, do you have space for one more? Some animal shelters are hoping that people will open their homes for a week or two to give homeless dogs a temporary break…

Camel, cow and donkey found wandering in Kansas neighborhood

No doubt authorities in Goddard, Kansas, thought someone was about to tell a pretty corny joke. When they got a call about a camel, cow and donkey hanging out together in a neighborhood, there had to be a punchline. Were…

A cat was put in 'solitary confinement' for freeing his fellow felines

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the facilities at Friends for Life animal shelter in Houston. The room for senior cats is clean and spacious with plenty of food, water and toys. Humans and other felines provide lots of companionship and…

Scientists need your dog's help

The most unfair thing about owning a dog is how short your pet’s life span is compared to yours. We all want our dogs to live long, healthy, happy lives, and that’s the focus of a massive data-gathering project that…

Brief but potent meteor outburst expected November 21-22

Exciting news! Some lucky observers may catch a brief outburst of alpha Monocerotid meteors this Thursday night (or Friday morning). And we do mean brief. Peak activity – a rate of 400 meteors per hour – is expected to last 15 to 40 minutes.

Awesome nightscape photos from New Mexico’s Very Large Array

Observatories are great places to view and photograph the night sky. Tips from an astrophotographer’s trip to the Very Large Array in New Mexico – to help you plan your next astrophotography adventure – plus awesome photos.

When is it 'too soon' to decorate for Christmas?

Thanksgiving still may be a few weeks away, but for one Texas family, the holiday season is already in full swing. Claudia and Nick Simonis of San Antonio decided to put up a few Christmas decorations at their home in…

The unexpectedly weird and beautiful world of lichens

Lichen is something we commonly see growing on rocks or tree branches, on old wood fences and rotting stumps. But how often do you stop to really ponder lichens? Probably not often. And yet lichens are surprisingly fascinating … and…

Lichens are way younger than scientists thought

(Field Museum) Lichens — a combo of fungus and algae — can grow on bare rocks, so scientists thought that lichens were some of the first organisms to make their way onto land from the water, changing the planet’s atmosphere and paving the way for modern plants. But a closer look at the DNA of the algae and fungi that form lichens shows that lichens likely evolved millions of years after plants.