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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Charity Rescues So Much Food From Landfill, It Opens a ‘Pay What You Feel’ Grocery Store To Share Tons of Produce

In Vancouver, a new supermarket is opening specifically to get unwanted food and produce into the hands of people who need or want it, thereby sparing it from being dumped into the landfill. The Food Stash Foundation’s “Rescued Food Market” is opening its doors on October 1st. Located on 340 West 2nd Avenue, for three […]

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Video: Life at 50C – The families forced to defend their homes from Australian bushfires (BBC)

This short BBC documentary investigates the climate change impacts of extreme heat and bushfires. It articulates climate change is here and now. It will get worse. But there are things we can do to change the direction of global warming….

Eating sustainably is one of the easiest ways to combat climate change, experts say – ABC News

The power of the fork has never been so profound. As temperatures around the world continue to warm at alarming rates, individuals are asking themselves what lifestyle changes they can make to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. The largest impacts lie…

Your letters: America under attack by global warming –

Dear editor, Imagine for a moment America has undergone an attack from a foreign nation. Incendiary bombs have been dropped on the West Coast. Fires rage out of control. Over 80 people were killed in one town as it burned…

The Green-Energy Crunch Comes To The UK—And It’s Not Pretty

Anybody who looks with a critical eye at the madcap push toward increasing amounts of intermittent renewable electricity generation in the U.S. and Europe quickly realizes that eventually, this has to hit a wall. But when will the crunch come?…

Speed limits and global warming – Kitsap Sun

Peter K. Harris Every day this summer has told us about climate change. The human impacts are growing dramatically. Tens of thousands of people ran from the Caldor fire near Lake Tahoe. Hundreds of thousands ran from Hurricane Ida. Many…

The West’s Twin Failures: Afghanistan And Climate Change

The West’s humiliation in Afghanistan has an older brother: climate change. As siblings, the two share characteristics, most obviously an inability to confront unwelcome facts. In Afghanistan, there was a large constituency led by the Pentagon invested in the mantra…

EPA confirms climate impacts are more adverse for racial minorities in the Southwest – Nevada Current

The worst effects of climate change are disproportionately falling on “underserved communities who are least able to prepare for, and recover from, heat waves, poor air quality, flooding, and other impacts,” according to an Environmental Protection Agency report released last…

Science-Backed Tips for Maximizing Play Time With Kids

Years of cognitive development research have uncovered a wealth of knowledge about what children need to grow, thrive, and learn—but it’s also important to translate those insights into real-world applications. A new paper led by Penn State graduate Brenna Hassinger-Das, now an assistant professor of psychology at Pace University-NYC, and Jennifer Zosh, professor of human […]

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