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40% of O’ahu, Hawai’i beaches could be lost by mid-century

The reactive and piecemeal approach historically used to manage beaches in Hawai’i has failed to protect them. If policies are not changed, as much as 40% of all beaches on O’ahu, Hawai’i could be lost before mid-century, according to a new study.

‘Front of package’ nutrition labels improved nutrition quality

A new study analyzing 16 years of data on tens of thousands of products finds that the adoption of nutrition data on ‘front of package’ labels is associated with improved nutritional content of those foods and their competitors.


Morrison says you’re either for gas or against it. Of course it’s not as simple as that | Katharine Murphy

We are not going to linger excessively with politics, for reasons I’ll make clear in a minute, but we do need to step through Scott Morrison’s political calculations now he is gradually unspooling the government’s much telegraphed “gas-led” recovery. I…

Democrats, Once Again, Exploit The Disasters Their Policies Created

It’s amazing how disasters, both natural and unnatural, have the fingerprints of Democrats all over them. Political riots rage (euphemistically called “social justice demonstrations”) in Democratic cities during this election year as various headlines and articles not so subtly threaten…


The megafires and pandemic expose the lies that frustrate action on climate change | Tim Flannery

I was in Melbourne in late January, watching as more and more people donned face masks to protect themselves against the bushfire smoke that had thickened the air for weeks and that was causing hundreds of deaths. Turning on the…

Earth’s glaciers and ice sheets are melting

Several new studies released in recent weeks paint a dire picture of the ongoing melting of Earth’s freshwater ice sheets and glaciers, 99% of which are found in Greenland and Antarctica.


Biden condemns Trump as ‘climate arsonist’ as wildfires burn – as it happened

Kari Paul here, logging off for the night. Thank you for sticking with us on these fast-moving news days. Here is what you should know from the last few hours: The justice department is set to investigate the Roger Stone…

The president who says the coronavirus will go away makes the same prediction about global warming – The Washington Post

Consider an exchange that took place in California at an event focused on the fires. Wade Crowfoot, head of the state’s Natural Resources Agency, called on Trump to recognize the role of climate change in the historic conflagrations. “We’ve had…


Tucker Carlson: Left Using Fires For Climate Misinformation, More Power

Tucker Carlson took on the massive misinformation campaign being pushed by Democrats and their lackeys in the media. Specifically, the West Coast wildfires and those blaming it on climate change because, well, no one asks for evidence or proof. The…