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It’s time to watch for the zodiacal light

The zodiacal light is an eerie light extending up from the horizon. This is a good time of year to see it in the evening, from the Northern Hemisphere. Southern Hemisphere, look before dawn!

Zooming in on breast cancer reveals how mutations shape the tumour landscape

(Cancer Research UK) Scientists have created one of the most detailed maps of breast cancer ever achieved, revealing how genetic changes shape the physical tumour landscape, according to research funded by Cancer Research UK and published in Nature Cancer today (Monday). An international team of scientists has developed intricate maps of breast tumour samples, with a resolution smaller than a single cell.

New timeline rewrites history of Easter Island collapse

Easter Island society did not collapse prior to European contact, and its people continued to build its iconic moai statues for much longer than previously believed, according to a team of researchers.

How to grow your own cozy gourd tunnel

Winter’s icy grip may be keeping your body indoors, but that doesn’t mean your mind can’t rebel by starting to plan for this year’s gardening season. According to the seasoned green thumbs who keep tabs on what’s hot in the…

Zodiacal light is a glowing pyramid after dark

From the Northern Hemisphere, look after true darkness falls for the elusive zodiacal light. It appears as a hazy pyramid of light extending up from the sunset point. Southern Hemisphere? Look before dawn!

Press highlights for the 2020 American Chemical Society national meeting in Philadelphia

(American Chemical Society) Journalists may now apply for press credentials for the American Chemical Society Spring 2020 National Meeting & Exposition, one of the largest scientific conferences of the year. The meeting will be held March 22-26, 2020 in Philadelphia.