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Sea otters have low genetic diversity like other threatened species, biologists report

Sea otters have very low genetic diversity, scientists report. Their findings have implications for the conservation of rare and endangered species, in which a lack of genetic diversity can increase the risk of extinction.

Al Gore’s Climate Circus Goes To Oz

In politics, timing is crucial. And thus it was with the unfortunately timed participation of former US vice-president Al Gore in the Queensland government-sponsored Climate Week earlier this month. According to the blurb, “Climate Week QLD 2019 will showcase how…

Global commodities trade and consumption place the world’s primates at risk of extinction

A recent study highlights the fact that the economic benefits of commodity export for primate habitat countries has been limited relative to the extreme environmental costs of pollution, habitat degradation, loss of biodiversity, continued food insecurity and the threat of emerging diseases.

Is it time to retire ‘climate change’ for ‘climate crisis’? – Grist

Get your daily dose of good news from Grist Subscribe to The Beacon The phrase “climate change” doesn’t cut it anymore, according to a growing group of media organizations. The reasoning? Climate change and global warming are too neutral, too…

The complex fate of Antarctic species in the face of a changing climate

(University of Plymouth) Researchers from the University of Plymouth and the British Antarctic Survey have presented support for the theory that marine invertebrates with larger body size are generally more sensitive to reductions in oxygen than smaller animals, and so will be more sensitive to future global climate change. However, evolutionary innovation can to some extent offset any respiratory disadvantages of large body size.


Episode 176: Investors dive into water risks, IKEA’s low-carbon shipping manifest

In this episode, Ceres director of investor engagement Monika Frayman chats about why the investment community is scrutinizing corporate water strategy. Plus, IKEA’s Angela Hultberg ponders the company’s early experiences with electric vehicles and last-mile delivery.

DiCaprio’s ‘Ice On Fire’ Doc Is A Climate Alarmist’s Dream

Leonardo DiCaprio returns, not as a starring actor, but as producer and narrator of a new climate documentary. “Ice on Fire,” now available through HBO, covers what director Leila Conners and her team view as the existential “climate crisis” facing…

Will climate change kill everyone — or just lots and lots of people? –

Is climate change going to end human civilization for good, and so soon that we may as well not bother saving for retirement? That’s the theory put forward in a recent viral Vice post: “New Report Warns ‘High Likelihood of…