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News about Climate Change and our Planet


​How biomass helps farmers make the most of 'waste wood'

Trees are an important part of any farm. They reduce erosion and flooding, absorb air pollutants, provide habitat for insect-eating birds, and cast shade to help livestock stay cool. They produce crops, too, whether it’s fruit and nuts at an…

UTIA senior design team wins national award for stormwater infiltration project

(University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture) Biosystems engineering students from the University of Tennessee Herbert College of Agriculture won first place in the G.B. Gunlogson Student Environmental Design Open Competition at the 2019 American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) international meeting in Boston.


AI used to test evolution’s oldest mathematical model

Researchers have used artificial intelligence to make new discoveries, and confirm old ones, about one of nature’s best-known mimics, opening up whole new directions of research in evolutionary biology.

You and a ginkgo tree can help scientists study climate change

A ginkgo tree in Tokyo shows off its green summer foliage. (Photo: Blew_s/Shutterstock) Most of us can’t do much to stop climate change, but doing a little is still better than nothing. And along with the many lifestyle changes that…


Geothermal-powered bus station will use anti-smog blocks to fight pollution

The Polish city of Lublin will soon be home to an environmentally friendly bus station that not only offers a new and attractive public space, but also combats urban air pollution. Designed by Polish architectural firm Tremend, the Integrated Intermodal Metropolitan Station in Lublin will be built near the train station and aims to revitalize the area around the railway station. The contemporary design, combined with its environmental focus and green features, earned the project a spot on World Architecture…

Skeptical Science New Research for Week #32, 2019

Posted on 13 August 2019 by doug_bostrom Clinical speech From Barber and Burgiess’ Scarcity and Safe Operating Spaces: The Example of Natural Forests Scientists suggest placing planetary boundaries on human-induced threats to key Earth system sinks and resources. Such boundaries define…

Boris Johnson’s Looming Wind Disaster

Boris Johnson’s government is shuffling towards a gigantic cliff edge that has nothing to do with Brexit. The looming disaster can be summed up in one word: renewables. The clue came in the form of the widespread power cuts that…

Artificial intelligence helps banana growers protect the world’s most favorite fruit

Using artificial intelligence, scientists created an easy-to-use tool to detect banana diseases and pests. With an average 90 percent success rate in detecting a pest or a disease, the tool can help farmers avoid millions of dollars in losses.

Back-to-back low snow years will become more common, study projects

(American Geophysical Union) Consecutive low snow years may become six times more common across the Western United States over the latter half of this century, leading to ecological and economic challenges such as expanded fire seasons and poor snow conditions at ski resorts, according to a new study.