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Becoming a Part-time Mermaid is a Big Trend in China – It’s as Difficult as it is Lovely

Is it really any surprise that the world’s largest scuba diver training organization is instructing a new generation of freedivers in the art and techniques of “mermaiding?” PADI, the aforementioned organization, now offers four levels of mermaid diving certification, which is essentially freediving but with a large and sometimes heavy artificial tail that requires a […]

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Biden And The Boardroom: Turning Up The Temperature On Climate Change – Forbes

Earth Day 2021 was pretty significant from a corporate governance perspective. Getty For those corporate boards that haven’t been paying much attention to climate change, now might be a good time to start reconsidering that position. For on Earth Day…

Eco-Activists Resume Obama-Era Sue-And-Settle Scheme

As President Biden readies his breathtakingly irresponsible pledge to double the United States’ commitments under the doomed Paris climate treaty, nineteen public interest groups have sent joint letters to Republican House and Senate leadership calling for an investigation of, and…

Scientists to live tweet asteroid impact exercise

Follow the action as asteroid scientists, space agencies and civil protection organizations participate in a drill – simulating an asteroid impact about to happen – during this week’s virtual Planetary Defense Conference.

What Canada’s Conservative Climate Plan Should Have Said

I write this as the dread shadow of the Liberal budget begins to steal across the Canadian landscape and the chill vibrations from that dire document frost an already shivering populace. (I suppose I could say I’m writing this on…

Despite Tensions, U.S. and China Agree to Work Together on Climate Change – The New York Times

The White House has signaled that Mr. Biden will announce more ambitious plans for reducing emissions domestically, after four years in which his predecessor, Donald J. Trump, disparaged the issue. “We’ve seen commitments before where everybody falls short,” Mr. Kerry…

Literature Review: Synthetic Turf carbon footprint, environmental, health, microplastics and biodiversity impacts

Hosken Reserve: grass oval used for soccer training, informal reacreation, off-lead dog exercise (Photo by John Englart) Abstract:  The conversion of a grass oval to synthetic turf at Hosken Reserve, Coburg North, is about a failure in transparency and consultation…

The Biggest Casualty Of The ‘Climate Crisis’ Is Journalism

The Sky News Daily Climate Show is an exercise in activism, not news. After much self-congratulating hype, Sky News broadcast the first episode of its Daily Climate Show last night. ‘Hello and welcome to the UK’s only climate daily news…

French Connoisseurs Just Tasted the Bordeaux Wine That Spent a Year in Space: ‘Beautiful!’

Bottles of wines recently brought back from the International Space Station were finally opened and drank—several of them—for research purposes. Having drifted 273 miles above the surface of the Earth for a year, a dozen bottles of Petrus Pomerol, as well as 320 snippets of grape vines, were brought back down as part of an […]

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