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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Letter: Beating climate change means tough choices on solar and EVs – Financial Times

Martin Sandbu is an optimist. He thinks that daily life will pretty much stay the same in our ongoing battle against global warming (Opinion, April 26). I like optimism, but I see tough choices ahead. First, from where do we…

A Fund Cleans Up by Betting on Clean Energy – Barron’s

Lucas White is portfolio manager for Resources and Climate Change Strategies at GMO in Boston. Photograph by Cody O’Loughlin For the four years of the Trump presidency, the White House was hostile to the concept of global warming, although independent…


WHITE HOUSE: Biden’s conundrum: Expand EVs without harming the Earth

President Biden’s plan to rapidly shift to electric vehicles and renewable energy could find itself in conflict with another, less prominent commitment: improving the sustainability of the mineral and metals sector.

Electric Vehicles: Biden’s Green Folly

Like so many other leftist dogmas, radical environmentalism has been adopted by the Democrat party, and now Joe Biden is determined to force electric cars on Americans despite their limitations. Last week, Biden announced that the federal government will cut carbon dioxide…

To Replace Lithium Batteries For Grid Storage ‘Gravitricity’ Uses Gravity

A company that uses gravity to create a ‘giant battery’ has just completed a successful test in Scotland, paving the way for its commercial-scale roll out. The firm is called Gravitricity, and their device, which has a 25-year lifespan, could help prevent the mining of rare earth minerals in the creation of lithium-ion batteries, while […]

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New York City Begins Electrifying Its Garbage Truck Fleet

Operating at the fuel-guzzling range of 0-35 miles per hour, making continuous stops, and weighing many tons, diesel garbage trucks are prime candidates for an electrified makeover. New York City Department of Sanitation have retrofitted 12 of their garbage trucks with hybrid-electric motors and batteries from a Canadian company called Effenco, whose technology can also […]

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Community Panel recommends 21 actions for EV transition for Victoria to reduce Transport Emissions

Community Panel for Infrastructure Victoria on Transport Emissions. I was on this panel which had 211 Victorians (most age groups, Metro and Regional) and met online during late January to mid February 2021. The ‘Tackling Transport Emissions’ Community Panel successfully…

The deadly devastation of global warming – The Age

Federal Labor encourages us to get electric vehicles instead of using polluting, dirty, fossil fuel ones (The Age, 31/3), while its Victorian colleagues will slap a 2.5 cent per kilometre tax on the non-polluting EVs from July.John Merory, Ivanhoe No,…