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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


How the Refrigerator Became an Agent of Climate Catastrophe – The New Yorker

A couple of years ago, in spring, my wife and I took our dog for a walk near Bantam Lake, in northwestern Connecticut, a few miles from our house. In swampy woods on the lake’s northern shore, we noticed a…

Accelerating global warming and amplifying feedbacks: The imperative of CO₂ drawdown

by Andrew Glikson Satellite measurements indicate that 2021 was one of the warmest years on record, with the past seven years being the hottest period recorded globally (Met Office, January 10, 2022). Attempts at global emission reductions, lowered in part…

Wait, What?? Whales Once Walked Along the Coasts of North America

A tooth found nearly fifty years ago has recently been re-examined and found to contain the remains of a land-going whale from an extinct family found only in Pakistan. A cousin of other walking whales in the family of Remingtonocetidae, it’s the first discovery of this ancient animal in North America, and gives a tantalizing […]

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Scientists tweak coral evolution for global warming – The Columbian

COCONUT ISLAND, Hawaii — On a moonless summer night in Hawaii, krill, fish and crabs swirl through a beam of light as two researchers peer into the water above a vibrant reef. Minutes later, like clockwork, they see eggs and…

Climate change: Temperatures over the last 24,000 years find global warming unprecedented – HT Tech

The study reveals greenhouse gas concentrations are rising since the last ice age.  A study by the University of Arizona examined the Earth’s climate since the last ice age, about 24,000 years ago, highlighting the main drivers of climate change…

Climate Change and Infections on the Move in North America | IDR – Dove Medical Press

Introduction Climate change is directly and indirectly impacting human health now.1,2 The impacts will continue along this trajectory, in most development and emission scenarios, growing in scope and scale, without substantial elimination of the root cause of the climate crisis:…

How Barriers To Trade Can Be Barriers To Climate Change Adaptation – Analysis – Eurasia Review

Global warming is expected to dramatically reduce agricultural productivity in hotter parts of the world. This column considers ways to accommodate that change. Hot, poor countries would benefit by shifting away from agriculture into less vulnerable, non-agricultural sectors as temperatures…

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