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House Dems Try To Link Natural Disasters To Climate Change In Hearing

CCD Editor’s Note: Yesterday, the House Oversight and Reform Environmental Subcommittee held a Hearing on Recovery, Resilience, and Readiness – Contending with Natural Disasters in the Wake of Climate Change. It’s fascinating to watch Michael ‘Hockey Stick’ Mann try to…

A small asteroid hit us last weekend

Asteroid 2019 MO exploded in our atmosphere with an energy of about 3 to 5 kilotons of TNT. Such events happen once or twice yearly, astronomers say. Most are unexpected, but this space rock was detected hours before it struck.

It’s time to pursue hospice, by Guy McPherson

It’s time to pursue hospice A Hearing was held by the New York City Council Committee on Environmental Protection on June 24, 2019, on the Resolution “Declaring a climate emergency and calling for an immediate emergency mobilization to restore a safe…

Carpet weavers of Himachal Pradesh an unusual casualty of global warming – Livemint

KANGRA: You will not find anyone here, they left last month,” said Ramesh Chand about other shepherds in his mountain village. At 49, Chand is among a handful of men left in Kareri, near the town of Dharamshala in Himachal…

Terrorizing Children With Scary Climate Stories A Loathsome Deceit

Nancy Pelosi shamelessly accuses President Trump of “scaring the children” with talk of deporting illegal migrants who have committed crimes, received due process, and evaded deportation orders. Pelosi is infamous for using children as pawns in her gutter politics. Her…

Apocalyptic Rhetoric Over Extreme Weather Keeps Heating Up. Experts Say Cool It

On June 7, I published an op-ed on this page telling the story of Roger Pielke Jr., a U.S. climate expert whose research on climate change and extreme weather didn’t support many of the alarmist slogans on the subject. Despite his…


BUSINESS: Risk analysts rewrite playbook for climate-driven disasters

Record damages and their increasing frequency in climate change-related weather events have driven risk analysts into uncharted waters in terms of their abilities to predict the magnitude of future risks or to find innovative ways to minimize or avoid them.