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Tesla Holiday Gifts Heavily Discounted With EV Items’ Cyber Monday Sale

EV ItemsEven though it is still unseasonably warm here in Southern California, the holidays are nearly upon us. For many of us, the holidays are an excuse to purchase celebratory gifts for our loved ones (and ourselves) … and what better things to buy than a few accessories for your EV. Get early Cyber Monday discounts with our special discount code

Plug-In Hybrids Pull Up Europe’s Plug-In Market — October EV Sales Report

The European passenger plug-in vehicle (PEV) market recorded some 48,000 registrations in October (+46%), and this time it was the plug-in hybrids (+75% growth year over year, or YoY) that pulled the PEV market up. Fully electric vehicles (BEVs) remained at cruising speed (+26%), leading to a nearly even (51% BEVs / 49% PHEVs, vs. 65% / 35% YTD) breakdown between both technologies in October

Lucid’s Atieva Formula E Battery Packs A Punch For Season 6

Aetiva Formula E Battery. Photo: lucidmotors.comWe haven’t heard much from Aetiva lately, the electric vehicle (EV) technology company from Lucid Motors. That’s for a good reason. It is working harder than ever and just announced a new battery pack for Formula E’s 6th season

Tesla Model 3 V3 Supercharging Times: 2% To 100% State of Charge (Video)

VegasModel3 posted a video that answers the most asked EV question I’ve encountered. Although, the answer to this question is particular to the Tesla Model 3. It won’t answer the question for all EVs. That question is typically the beginning question before someone delves further into the world of electric cars

Open The Plug-In Hybrid Floodgates! Germany EV Sales Report

Something clicked in the German plug-in vehicle market after the summer holidays. The market had a record month (9,452 registrations) in September, and then October came and set a new record, this time 26% above the previous one! 11,926 plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) were registered, more than doubling last year’s result. With China’s PEV market in post-subsidy blues, this is a welcome boost to global sales. Now if only the US market helped to carry the burden

French EV Market Up 65%, Finally Some Reshuffling!

The French plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) market had 6,433 registrations in October, up 65% year over year (YoY). Interestingly, this time, it was the plug-in hybrids (+118%) pulling the market up the most, with BEVs growing “just” 53%

EV Conversions Go Mainstream in Kenya

Efficient mass transit systems that reduce the number of private vehicles on the streets should be the preferred solution in the quest to reduce congestion and emissions in Africa’s growing cities. In most African cities, informal operators are the backbone of the urban commuter network, servicing urban commuter routes with 14- to 35-seater minibuses and motorcycle taxis known as Boda Bodas


ELECTRIC VEHICLES: China plunges into luxury EV market with Polestar

A Chinese automaker has unveiled the nation’s first global sales campaign for an electric car: the Polestar 2. It’s a five-door hatchback that is “designed to compete around Tesla Model 3,” according to an advertisement yesterday in The New York Times.