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Dems’ New Tax Credit Rules Could Slow Electric Vehicle Transition

South Korean trade officials are reportedly in talks with U.S. counterparts to delay the implementation of the new domestic sourcing qualifications for the EV tax credits. The new rules that President Biden and the Democrat-led Congress established for the $7,500…

Carmakers Jack Up Prices, Cancels Out Dems’ $7,500 EV Tax Credit

Electric car manufacturers have hiked their prices pretty much across the board, effectively and completely canceling out government tax-credit incentives signed into law by Democrats this week. Under the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’, which economic experts say will not reduce inflation,…

It’s past time for Congress to invest in our clean energy future | My Turn – Pocono Record

Whether it was grappling with tornadoes barreling through communities across southeastern Pennsylvania, record-breaking heat waves across the state or Hurricane Ida knocking out power for more than 40,000 residents, Pennsylvania saw no shortage of climate-related disasters last year.  It is…

Tesla Model 3 vs BMW 330i & Audi A4 — 5 Year Cost of Ownership

It’s been a long time since I conducted some new 5 year cost of ownership comparisons between the Tesla Model 3 and other top vehicles in its class. The $1,875 federal EV tax credit for the Model 3 has gone away in that time, and we’re into a new model year. So, I decided to get back into this by comparing the the Tesla Model 3 to the BMW Series (the 330i xDrive Sedan, to be specific) and Audi

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