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Hints of EV Revolution Rising

Just after Thanksgiving in late Nov 2018, General Motors (GM) announced that it was shutting down 5 factories and laying off 14,800 employees. While President Trump expressed his disapproval, the stock market approved, giving GM’s stock a modest boost. While the layoffs made headlines, many reporters, and readers, missed the prime reasons for the announced factory closures

The 2019 Electric Vehicle Road Trip Charges Into The Middle East — CleanTechnica Exclusive

The Electric Vehicle Road Trip (EVRT) was created with the simple goal of raising awareness of electric vehicles by touring them around various parts of the world where EVs are not finding traction. The oil- rich Middle East is one such region — which should come as no surprise, since oil is providing the economic fuel for much of the region

Zap&Go’s Carbon-Ion Battery Delivers Ultra-Fast Charging & Zero Degradation

The team at Zap&Go has developed a new energy storage technology that combines the rapid charging of superconductors and, with the help of carbon nanotubes and some tech from the University of Oxford, turns them into a battery that has…

Electric Car Tipping Point Is At Hand

Could 2018 go down in history as the beginning of the end for fossil-powered vehicles? Several auto industry analysts quoted in a recent Financial Times article (via The Drive) think it’s a possibility. “We will probably see the peak of combustion engine car sales in 2018,” Felipe Munoz, an automotive analyst for Jato Dynamics, told FT, adding that his company’s ‘optimistic’ forecast for the global auto market had changed in the last six months.”

Tesla’s Big Red Opportunity: China’s EV Market 3× Bigger Than US EV Market (Video)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk highlighted on the Tesla shareholder call tonight that Tesla is the first non-Chinese automaker that has been permitted to build a wholly owned factory of its own in China. No doubt about it, Tesla knows the opportunity in China is enormous and is grateful for that. The following repost from EVANNEX puts that into more context

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