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Will Social Distancing Push More People To Buy Cars Online?

Image: A Tesla Model 3 on show at a Shopping Centre in the United Kingdom. Picture by Keith KuhudzaiElon Musk’s announcement early last year that Tesla was going to closes its stores and shift to all online sales was met with mixed reactions with most people being shocked to hear about the change. Tesla later reversed this decision, opting instead to close only a handful of underperforming stores. In an article covering the [&hellip

Online Tool For Electric School Buses, Vans, Trucks, Tractors, & More — Drive To Zero

Image credit: Kyle Field | CleanTechnicaWe all tend to live in our own circle, our own world to some degree. Some of us are up to date on the transition to EVs and what is truly available, and some are missing that information. Thanks to CALSTART, there’s now a great new tool for finding out what is presently available in e-mobility

70 Reasons Why Tesla Model 3 Is Most Loved Car

Whether you are considering buying a Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y, or another electric vehicle, it is probably worth noting that the Model 3 is the most loved car or passenger vehicle in the United States, based on Consumer Reports surveys of vehicle owners of all types. In other words, owners of no other vehicles profess to love their vehicles as much as Model 3 owners do

Electric Car Driver Demands, Desires, & Dreams — Netherlands, Norway, Germany, & France Edition

We recently surveyed EV drivers in four major European EV markets in order to learn more about their experiences as well as desires and requirements for future EVs. Those markets are the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, and France

Tesla Defined The Language The World Now Uses To Talk About EVs

Tesla Model 3 redWe get a lot of flack here at CleanTechnica for being Tesla fanboys, but in reality, we are just a bunch of clean technology nuts that love the things Tesla has done, is doing, and is expected to do out into the future

10 Things To NOT Do In Your Tesla Model 3

Today we’re going to discuss the “things” that a Tesla Model 3 owner should not do to their car. To be clear, these are things that will not improve the ownership experience. These actions also will not extend the life of Model 3 components like the battery, seats, doors, and more

Are Car Dealerships Now Actively Advertising Electric Vehicles? — South Africa Example

Are Car Dealerships Now Actively Advertising Electric Vehicles? A lot has been written about traditional automakers trying very hard to delay the mass adoption of EVs as they still have massive investments made in the ICE ecosystem to recoup. And so, it follows car dealerships then generally promote ICE vehicles over EVs and have a huge ICE vehicle inventory to push. The majority of consumers still don’t have a lot of knowledge on EVs and would depend on their local dealerships to educate them on EV’s. A 2018 paper by Gerardo Zarazua de Rubens et al, published in the Journal Nature Energy (Link), looked into how dismissive and deceptive car dealerships create barriers to electric vehicle adoption. Has anything changed since then? I visited several dealerships in South Africa to have a feel of how some dealerships are handling EVs. A lot of dealerships for BMW and Jaguar in South Africa are actively promoting their EVs. Most of the BMW and Jaguar dealerships I visited were eager to offer test drives of the i3 and the I Pace. Jaguar dealerships really go out of their way to showcase the I Pace. They regularly take the I Pace to exhibitions at malls, upmarket residential and golf estates. In most cases, they make it their star attraction. Prospective customers can also take the I Pace for a test run at the Experience Centre in Lonehill, Johannesburg. I was also pleasantly surprised when we went up north across the border to find a big banner (Image) at a Nissan dealership (Image) in downtown Harare, Zimbabwe advertising the new Nissan Leaf alongside several ICE models as “Coming Soon”. How soon is soon? Who knows? But it was refreshing to see it there. Will keep an eye open for any updates on this. I also experienced a bit of the dismissive approach at one dealership in Johannesburg. With South Africa being one of Africa’s most advanced vehicle financing markets, I had assumed getting an i3 or something on a lease or month on month rental would be a piece of cake. Wrong! The gentleman who served me was friendly and cheerful. I told him I was looking for a lease or a month on month rental on an i3 and he referred me to his manager to see if it was possible. The manager then informed me they did not have such kind of a facility (the kind of short-term/month on month lease I was looking for). They also didn’t have an i3 instore at that time, but they did not seem to go out of their way to check with any of their sister dealerships to see if they could assist even on a more long-term financing arrangement. They were quick to offer to show me the many “marvelous” ICE models in their showroom and were nudging me consider one of those instead for a longer-term lease/financing arrangement. To their credit, they later referred me to several general car leasing companies to see if they could assist but all those car leasing firms said they did not have any electric vehicles in their fleets. There are a thousand odd EVs on South Africa’s roads. Sales have been a bit slow but are promising to pick up as the selection of EV models now available in South Africa has improved. A few more models will be launched during the course of the year like the new Mini E, the Mercedes EQC and hopefully the Audi E-tron. South Africa’s busload of taxes and import duties on electric vehicles aren’t helping improve the situation though. With this tax disadvantage that impacts the sticker price negatively, one hopes car dealerships will bring out their A Game to push the EVs in their stable. It would be good hear them educate consumers on the advantages of driving an EV e.g. the benefit on one’s pocket when it comes to the total cost of ownership. It seems in this part of the World; some dealerships still don’t make the extra effort to promote EVs’, but a lot more are keen to showcase EVs. Links: paper by Gerardo Zarazua de Rubens et al, Images: A Nissan Dealership in Downtown Harare, Zimbabwe Advertising the New Nissan Leaf. Picture by Remeredzai KuhudzaiA lot has been written about traditional automakers trying very hard to delay the mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), as they still have massive investments made in the internal combustion engine (ICE) ecosystem to recoup

3 Myths About Millennials & Electric Cars Are Costing Apartment Complex Owners Money

Unless you are a millennial, everything you think you know about the generation born between 1981 and 1996 is probably wrong. That’s especially true if you own or manage a multi-family apartment property. Being a Gen Xer myself, I admit I believed some of the stereotypes too

1st Time Driving A Volkswagen E-Golf, Gas Car Driver Finds Surprise, Excitement, Joy, & Grace

Editor’s note: I encouraged a friend to write his first impressions driving his son’s new Volkswagen e-Golf recently in California. At home in Florida he drives a non-electric car. He seems to have his eye on an electric vehicle now. A thank-you to Frank Semmens for taking the time to write up his original review