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The USPS Takes Delivery Of First Electric Step Van From Motiv Power Systems

California-based Motiv Power Systems has delivered the first of seven fully electric mid-sized delivery vans to the United States Postal Service this week as part of a California Air Resources Board-funded program

Hubject & Greenlots’ New Card-Less System Makes EV Charging Easier Than Pumping Gas

A new partnership between the EV charging interoperability experts at Hubject and Shell New Energies’ Greenlots have a new solution that uses the unique identity of each vehicle to authenticate and authorize EV charging and holds the key to making EV charging even easier that pumping gas. Simply plug in and go

Supercharger Gaps On Road Trip? Try This Tesla Owner’s Hack (Video)

The first question the unenlightened ask of EV owners is invariably, “what do you do when you run out of charge?” And we invariably reply, “You don’t run out of charge, any more than you run out of gas in a legacy vehicle. You plan your trips and plug in well before the range indicator gets near zero.”

The Inside Scoop on Next-Wave EV Charging

File this one under T for They who laugh last, laugh best.  Not too long ago right-wing pundits and other naysayers excoriated electric vehicles as a big joke, with one of the biggest laugh lines being reserved for the lack…

Tesla Model 3 Used Car Prices … Tesla Model 3 vs. Honda Accord … Tesla Sales — #CleanTechnica Top 20 in January

The most popular CleanTechnica articles of January were led by a CleanTechnica analysis showing (before Kelley Blue Book came out with its rankings) that the Tesla Model 3 was performing exceptionally well on the used car market. A comparison between the Tesla Model 3 and Honda Accord slotted into the #2 spot, and a perspective-focused piece on Tesla’s December sales and inventory landed in #

Hints of EV Revolution Rising

Just after Thanksgiving in late Nov 2018, General Motors (GM) announced that it was shutting down 5 factories and laying off 14,800 employees. While President Trump expressed his disapproval, the stock market approved, giving GM’s stock a modest boost. While the layoffs made headlines, many reporters, and readers, missed the prime reasons for the announced factory closures

The 2019 Electric Vehicle Road Trip Charges Into The Middle East — CleanTechnica Exclusive

The Electric Vehicle Road Trip (EVRT) was created with the simple goal of raising awareness of electric vehicles by touring them around various parts of the world where EVs are not finding traction. The oil- rich Middle East is one such region — which should come as no surprise, since oil is providing the economic fuel for much of the region

Zap&Go’s Carbon-Ion Battery Delivers Ultra-Fast Charging & Zero Degradation

The team at Zap&Go has developed a new energy storage technology that combines the rapid charging of superconductors and, with the help of carbon nanotubes and some tech from the University of Oxford, turns them into a battery that has…

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