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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Breaking: Black Hole at Heart of Our Galaxy Pictured For First Time

The gargantuan black hole which binds our galaxy together with its powerful gravity has been imaged for the first time. The capture relied on the collaboration of telescopes from all over the world acting in sync, collecting several millions of gigabytes of data to present the burning accretion disk of Sagittarius A—our black hole’s official […]

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Biggest Floating Solar Park in Europe Perfectly Integrates in Portugal Reservoir

A vast array of 12,000 solar panels are set to become Europe’s largest floating solar park when they finish taking position atop the Alqueva reservoir this year. Supplying a third of the electricity to the nearby towns of Moura and Portel—they look to continue taking advantage of Portugal’s exceptional year-round weather that has seen the […]

The post Biggest Floating Solar Park in Europe Perfectly Integrates in Portugal Reservoir appeared first on Good News Network.

Daily Update: May 11, 2022 – S&P Global

Start every business day with our analyses of the most pressing developments affecting markets today, alongside a curated selection of our latest and most important insights on the global economy. Urgent Climate Action Needed Now Climate experts now see a…

Revealed: the ‘carbon bombs’ set to trigger catastrophic climate breakdown

The world’s biggest fossil fuel firms are quietly planning scores of “carbon bomb” oil and gas projects that would drive the climate past internationally agreed temperature limits with catastrophic global impacts, a Guardian investigation shows. The exclusive data shows these…

From India To Canada, Tracking The Killer Wave Of Global Warming – Worldcrunch

Even then, in the 1980s, the new style came in for criticism. In his era-defining bestseller The Language of Postmodern Architecture (1978), American architectural historian Charles Jencks made the bold claim that Bauhaus modernism was over, which many German architects…

Global Warning: Extreme weather conditions are sweeping large parts of the world – The Financial Express

Climate change has been at the top of the agenda for many nations across the world. Why would some global leaders otherwise appoint ‘chief heat officers’, who have the most important tasks at hand—to deal with rising temperatures in their…

Fighting climate change in a fragmented world – The Hill

Currently, seven astronauts are living on the International Space Station: three Americans, one European and three Russians. They may not agree on much outside the day-to-day management of their vessel, but they must cooperate on that task if they all…

Say goodbye to chardonnay: Global warming changing the wines Australia can make – Sydney Morning Herald

Australia’s most popular varieties suited to cooler climates – shiraz, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir and sauvignon blanc – may not be as easy to grow as temperatures increase, he adds. Rainfall also plays a significant role in wine production….

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