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VDA Projects $68 Billion Investment In Electric & Autonomous Cars

The German Automobile Association says the nation’s automakers will invest $68 billion in electric and autonomous car technology over the next three years in order to to meet strict new emissions rules in the European Union.

Boomers and e-bikes were made for each other

Almost a year ago I wrote that we should worry about boomers on e-bikes, noting that “older, male Dutch e-bikers are dying in shocking numbers.” It turned out not to be entirely true; statistically it had nothing to do with…

EU sued for making global warming worse by subsidising wood burning – New Scientist

Burning wood is bad for the climate Fouque/Getty By Michael Le Page The European Union is accelerating global warming and damaging forests worldwide, says a lawsuit filed today with the European General Court in Luxembourg. The case is being brought by…

Want to save the planet? Stop trying to be its friend

(Frontiers) Research published in Frontiers in Psychology reveals how advertisers, politicians and economic systems play on the psychology of ‘climate compensation’ — and encourages a more rational approach to environmental responsibility.

Decentralized Renewable Energy–Focused European Super Grid Is Least Cost Option

New research from Finland’s Lappeenranta University of Technology has revealed that a cross-border European super grid based on decentralized renewable energy supply is the least cost option to achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement while also addressing significant obstacles for a functional European Energy Union. 

Heatwaves: global warming threatens more than 100,000 Slovenes / All the news / Homepage – Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso

Image: Metod Blejec/Pod črto Longer uninterrupted heat periods in Slovenia will be increasingly frequent and intense. The country does not have an integrated strategy to combat climate change yet (This article was originally published by Pod črto ) Maintenance work on…

Time To Reverse The World Bank’s Disastrous Climate Policies

With World Bank President Jim Yong Kim stepping down effective February 1, President Trump’s chosen successor, David Malpass, should waste no time in shifting the powerful multilateral lender’s focus from combating climate change to providing the world’s poorest countries with…

Swedish Student Leader Wins EU Pledge to Spend Billions on Climate

The European Union should spend hundreds of billions of euros combating climate change during the next decade, its chief executive said on Thursday, responding to a Swedish teen who has inspired a global movement of children against global warming. In…

Wind Provided 14% Of European Union’s Electricity In 2018

Wind energy provided 14% of the European Union’s electricity last year, according to figures published Thursday by the region’s wind energy trade body, WindEurope, with 11.3 gigawatts (GW) of new capacity added, including nearly 3 GW of offshore wind.