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No, Venice Isn’t Flooding Due To Climate Change

Venice is flooded – again – and the mayor Luigi Brugnaro is blaming climate change. This has become the standard dog-ate-my-homework excuse for desperate politicians and administrators who want to dodge their responsibilities while simultaneously attracting media sympathy and aid money….

Fossil suggests apes, old world monkeys moved in opposite directions from shared ancestor

(American Museum of Natural History) In terms of their body plan, Old World monkeys — a group that includes primates like baboons and macaques — are generally considered more similar to ancestral species than apes are. But a new study suggests that as far as locomotion goes, apes and Old World monkeys each evolved a way of moving that was different from the ancestral species as they adapted to different niches in their environments.

Spain Steps Up for Cop25

It’s 31 days until climate delegates from around the world will gather in… Madrid. In breaking news, UN Climate Change has confirmed the event will move from Santiago, Chile to the Spanish capital. Quite how Spain will pull it off…

Traffic exhaust at residential address increases the risk of stroke

(Karolinska Institutet) High levels of traffic exhaust at one’s residence increases the risk of stroke even in low-pollution environments, according to a study by researchers at Karolinska Institutet and other universities in Sweden. The study, published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, suggests that it is mainly black carbon from traffic exhaust that increases the risk for stroke, and not particulate matter from other sources.

How to solve global warming for just €280bn –

The sum is not to fund green technologies or finance a moonshot solution to emissions but to use simple age-old practices to lock millions of tons of carbon back into an overlooked and over-exploited resource: the soil. “We have lost…

ERC Synergy Grants awarded to 37 research groups to take on the biggest challenges

(European Research Council) In the 2019 ERC Synergy Grant competition, 37 research groups will receive funding for their curiosity-driven science. Worth in total €363 million, these special grants will enable groups of two to four top researchers to bring together complementary skills, knowledge and resources in one research project. This funding is part of the EU’s research and innovation programme, Horizon 2020.