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News about Climate Change and our Planet



EPA: States follow feds in slashing environmental oversight

In EPA’s current five-year plan, one of the agency’s three main goals is to “rebalance the power between Washington and the states to create tangible environmental results for the American people.”

WWZ: John Kerry Unveils Star-Studded Climate League Of Doom

If the left’s ongoing conniptions on climate change haven’t proven hysterical enough, former Secretary of State John Kerry (D) decided to launch a bipartisan “World War Zero” coalition on climate change. Some of the big names headlining “World War Zero”…

What's wrong with batteries?

We are a country that loves our electronic gadgets, but when it comes to keeping them charged, it gets complicated. The Sierra Club estimates about 5 billion batteries are purchased in the United States every year, but less than 10%…


EPA: Emails shed light on Wheeler’s fixation with climate models

Internal EPA emails show that Administrator Andrew Wheeler was personally involved in efforts to discredit last year’s National Climate Assessment, a sweeping report by staff at EPA and other agencies that punctuated the ominous impacts of rising temperatures.


EMISSIONS: Greenhouse gases rise with no end in sight

Global emissions are expected to keep climbing despite promises from almost 200 nations to address climate change, propelling temperatures upward and threatening to shatter the threshold of 2 degrees Celsius that scientists say would invite dramatic changes to ecology and the economy.


CLIMATE IMPACTS: How warming helped spark a revolution in Lebanon

Weeks before government protesters shut down freeways and set fires in the streets, Lebanon was already burning. Unusual wildfires and other effects related to climate change sharpened unrest over government corruption and turned this tiny nation into a cauldron of rebellion.

Inside The Climate Change Money Machine

For far too long the public has been deluded into believing that groups whose titles indicate their efforts to protect our environment are the Davids in a battle with the Goliath industrial complex of our nation. They tell a story…

Global warming gets a blast of Coldplay – Grist

It’s Friday, November 22, and Coldplay gets the gravity of the climate crisis. The British rock band has clearly been listening to the scientist(s), because the group says it will not tour its new album, Everyday Life, until it figures…