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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Climate Change Magnified Recent California Deluge – Scientific American

A record-breaking storm that swept through California in recent days was made worse by climate change, experts say. And not just because of additional rainfall that’s a symptom of a warmer climate. Adding to the misery was what preceded the…

Giant Eagle-Owl Unseen For 150 Years Just Caught on Camera

When Dr. Joseph Tobias saw how big the bird which had just flown over his head was, he had just assumed it was an eagle. After all, no other bird in Ghana could be so large. He was wrong. The Imperial College researcher and his colleague were the first to see a Shelley’s eagle owl […]

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Updated NDCs set world on track for 2.7 degrees of warming by 2100 – Landscape News

For the latest climate change science, join the Global Landscapes Forum at COP 26 for GLF Climate (5-7 November, 2021). As the world gets ready for the most important climate conference of the year, COP26, governments’ climate targets remain far from sufficient….

In the Arctic’s, global warming is happening three times faster than in the rest of the world – Firstpost

Agence France-PresseOct 27, 2021 16:14:17 IST Sheltered by snow-spattered mountains, the Stordalen mire is a flat, marshy plateau, pockmarked with muddy puddles. A whiff of rotten eggs wafts through the fresh air. Here in the Arctic in Sweden’s far north,…

Earth will warm 2.7 degrees Celsius based on current pledges to cut emissions – Science News Magazine

This year was supposed to be a turning point in addressing climate change. But the world’s nations are failing to meet the moment, states a new report by the United Nations Environment Programme. The Emissions Gap Report 2021: The Heat…


Understanding the Differences Between Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Recycling

Did you know there are several types of recycling? It’s not surprising if you don’t. Most consumers don’t stop to think about what happens to the items they put in their curbside bin. You’ve done your part as soon as you send off the items for recycling. What happens at a recycling facility? It’s just as […]

In ‘Termination Shock,’ Neal Stephenson Finally Takes on Global Warming – WIRED

Over lunch, roughly when we’d started considering dessert, I asked Stephenson how that reception feels. He seemed a little chagrined—and he told me a story that made me think he wasn’t sure those guys were in on the joke. When…

How Climate Change Hurt this Year’s Apple Harvest – Scientific American

It’s been a tough season for U.S. apple growers. Climate change made it worse. From late-spring frosts in western Michigan to triple-digit heat in the Pacific Northwest, apple growers saw a nearly 19 percent drop in fresh-market apple holdings in…

Yes, There Has Been Progress on Climate. No, It’s Not Nearly Enough. – The New York Times

As world leaders gather in Glasgow for aUnited Nations climate summit next week, the focus will be on one crucial number: How many degrees hotter will the Earth get? And how do we keep that number as small as possible?…

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