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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Sir David Attenborough Slams Extinction Rebellion’s Tactics

Sir David Attenborough has slammed Extinction Rebellion’s tactics for “disturbing innocent people” that are just living their lives. He also said that the lobby group could “disenchant” the people they are trying to get on board with the fight against…

Green Party Launches In Turkey, Promises A ‘Green New Deal’

Turkey’s new Green Party will push for a “Green New Deal” that supports carbon taxes and increases the use of renewable energy, the movement tells The Media Line. The party launched on Monday, the International Day of Peace, with 110…


EMISSIONS: The world is getting serious about climate. Is it too late?

Climate Week, the annual carbon-cutting confab in New York City, long has been a time for governments and companies to announce their green ambitions. But even by its own standards, this year’s edition seemed to reflect a new sense of urgency to address a warming planet.


POLITICS: White House recruited climate critics for NOAA

At least three prominent researchers who question the severity of climate change rebuffed offers by the White House to take a senior position at NOAA. The job went to an academic who rejects the basic principles of climate science.

Global warming boosts the economies of some 70 countries –

Deloitte has released a study that details how warming of temperatures across the world could generate an economic boost to some 70 countries in the coming decades. The Big Four accounting and advisory firm’s analysis is based on four scenarios…

Evolutionary and heritable axes shape our brain

(Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences) Every region has its place in the brain. However, it has been unclear why brain regions are located where they are. Now, scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences have defined two main axes along which brain regions are genetically organized, stretching from posterior to anterior and inferior to superior in the brain. These axes are mainly shaped by genes and evolution.


UK risks losing contract for new climate research centre because of Brexit

The UK is at risk of losing the contract for the expansion of a flagship European weather research centre based in Reading because of Brexit. The European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) has been based in Berkshire for…


Commentary: Senate legislation would slow down global warming – Delaware State News – Delaware State News

By Sen. Tom Carper From the catastrophic wildfires out West, to the more frequent and powerful hurricanes forming in the Atlantic — it’s clear that the climate crisis is here, in every direction we look. In Delaware, the lowest-lying state…

Lending color to dead cells — A novel natural dye for screening cell viability

Synthetic dyes are commonly used to assess the toxicity of chemical compounds in cell cultures. However, these dyes damage cells, rendering the cultures useless for long-term experiments. Recently, scientists discovered that a natural food pigment can replace synthetic dyes in cell viability assays for three widely varied types of cells — and performs better. Their approach is also environment-friendly and inexpensive, and opens up possibilities in a range of fields including drug discovery.