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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Scientists Suggest Turning Methane Into Carbon Dioxide Could Reduce Global Warming – Forbes

A group of climate researchers from Stanford University have proposed that an effort to turn one of the worst greenhouse gases, methane, into carbon dioxide – not the worst greenhouse, but much more abundant – could still work out positive for the…

Which climate innovations will really limit global warming? – Horizon magazine

To help filter the most effective innovations to invest in, a global initiative has developed a new way to estimate their emissions-slashing potential. In the next year, it aims to identify 1,000 solutions with a combined potential to avoid more…

What are natural flavors vs. artificial flavors?

Check your pantry or nearly any grocery store shelf. Odds are, many of the items you find will list natural or artificial flavors in the ingredients. Of the two, natural flavor sounds more appealing. But what are natural flavors and…

New evidence on the reliability of climate modeling

For decades, scientists studying a key climate phenomenon have been grappling with contradictory data that have threated to undermine confidence in the reliability of climate models overall. A new study settles that debate with regard to the Hadley cell, a tropical atmospheric circulation widely studied by climate scientists because it controls precipitation in the subtropics and also creates a region called the intertropical convergence zone, producing a band of major, highly-precipitative storms.

The climate crisis and the end of the golden era of food choice –

Imagine waking up in a world that has become so hot and so crowded that most of what you eat has disappeared from the grocery store altogether. Or imagine eating only genetically engineered foods or a diet of exclusively liquid…

UTSA uses permeable pavements and grass to cool cities and clean the water

(University of Texas at San Antonio) The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) College of Engineering has been selected to receive approximately $2.6 million in City funding to complete three water sustainability projects in San Antonio. Five UTSA engineering professors and one environmental scientist from the College of Sciences will work on behalf of the City to demonstrate the viability of permeable parking lots, to use roadside vegetation and trenchless technology to improve water quality, and to mitigate inner city flooding.

Researchers create multi-junction solar cells from off-the-shelf components

(North Carolina State University) In a proof-of-concept paper, researchers from North Carolina State University detail a new approach for creating multi-junction solar cells using off-the-shelf components, resulting in lower cost, high-efficiency solar cells for use in multiple applications.