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CLIMATE IMPACTS: ‘Catastrophic’ loss of Amazon forest looms, Brazil CEO warns

There are few corporate chiefs in Brazil more outspoken on the environment than Walter Schalka, the head of the world’s largest producer of wood pulp. And he has a dire prediction for the Brazilian Amazon: Deforestation will accelerate this year.

Where is the greatest risk to our mineral resource supplies?

(US Geological Survey) Risk tool identified 23 mineral commodities whose supply poses the greatest risk, including those used in consumer electronics, renewable energy, aerospace, and defense applications.

American Farmers Are Turning To Wind Energy

Wind energy is offering hope for American farmers amid tough times. In an article by Time Magazine, the plight of American farmers is brought into focus. “They’re trying to wipe us off the map,” says the subheading that quotes one of the farmers interviewed in the article

The government’s sudden passion for climate technology is newfound and insincere | Simon Holmes a Court

If you’re committed to the Paris agreement – to keep the increase in global average temperature to well below two degrees above pre-industrial levels, and pursue efforts to limit the increase to 1.5 degrees – then at a minimum, logically,…

Albertan Counterprotesters Tear Down Anti-Pipeline Barricade

Counterprotesters tore down a barricade Wednesday in front of Canadian National (CN) railway tracks near Edmonton, Alberta, after environmental activists erected it. The activists who blocked the tracks are opposed to the Coastal GasLink pipeline in British Columbia. But the…