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VICTOR JOECKS: After the coronavirus, I’m even more skeptical of global warming alarmism – Las Vegas Review-Journal

To function in modern society, you have to rely on experts. There’s so much specialization that no person can be knowledgeable in everything. Doctors, mechanics and plumbers can spend years learning their crafts. In these relationships, how much you trust…

Peter H. Wolf: A global warming primer and plea – Winston-Salem Journal

{{featured_button_text}} Peter H. Wolf Guest columnist Human conflict is history’s most enduring thread. We have conflicts among each other, such as war, genocide, racism, religion, the treatment and education of women, corruption, forms of government and overpopulation. Other conflicts relate…

This Self-Healing Cement Automatically Fills Any Cracks That Form, To Save Energy and Money

How much easier would our lives be if, like our bodies, our possessions could regenerate their own material to fix any damages they sustained? Well, thanks to some very clever folks in England, concrete could be made self-regenerating by the addition of a simple enzyme found in our blood—repairing cracks in the sidewalk, roads, or […]

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Global carbon price floor would limit global warming – IMF staff – Reuters

WASHINGTON, June 18 (Reuters) – An agreement by some or all of the Group of 20 countries on a flexible global carbon price floor would help limit global warning to 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius, the International Monetary Fund said…

As Drought Limits Hydroelectric Power, Calif. Fears Blackouts In Heatwave

Authorities are telling Californians to conserve electricity Thursday evening, as a heatwave that coincides with a severe drought has limited the availability of hydroelectric power to the state. The California Independent System Operator has issued a “Flex Alert” for the…

Is the Controlled Shrinking of Economies a Better Bet to Slow Climate Change Than Unproven Technologies? – InsideClimate News

Existing plans to limit global warming rely too much on “increasingly unrealistic assumptions” that societies will be able to remove huge amounts of carbon from the atmosphere while simultaneously maintaining incessant economic growth over the next 50 years, according to…

Sumitomo shareholders reject climate change resolution – Reuters

Logos of Sumitomo Corp are seen after the company’s initiation ceremony at its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan April 2, 2018. REUTERS/Toru Hanai TOKYO, June 18 (Reuters) – Sumitomo Corp (8053.T) shareholders on Friday rejected a proposal requiring the trading house…

Animals’ ability to adapt their habitats key to survival amid climate change

(University of Wyoming) A research group of scientists from North America, Europe and Africa concluded that animals’ ability to respond to climate change likely depends on how well they modify their habitats, such as nests and burrows.

Greenhouse gas data deep dive reaches new level of ‘reasonable and true’

(University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences) For the most accurate accounting of a product’s environmental impact, scientists look at the product’s entire life cycle, from cradle to grave. It’s a grand calculation known as a life cycle assessment (LCA), and greenhouse gas emissions are a key component.For corn ethanol, most greenhouse gas emissions can be mapped to the fuel’s production, transportation, and combustion, but a large portion of the greenhouse gas calculation can be traced right back to the farm.

Salamanders have a secret to survive drought, heat waves, and climate change –

This story is part of Down to Earth, a Vox reporting initiative on the science, politics, and economics of the biodiversity crisis. A decade ago, a team of salamander researchers made a dire prediction: that climate change would make much…