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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Cyclone over Arctic Ocean – August 24, 2019

As illustrated by above map, Arctic heating is accelerating, with temperatures showing up in the Arctic that are up to 4.41°C hotter than the average global temperature during 1880-1920. The image below shows two plots. On the left-hand side is…

NASA: Amazon Wildfire Activity Slightly Below Average This Year

Short summary: We have had wildfires for many years now in the Amazon, even in the tropical rainforest – mainly started by humans for forest clearing and ranching. It is not enough to impact significantly on the Paris agreement pledges…

To fight climate change, we may have to return to the age of airships

At this point, staving off climate change is probably not a matter of gentle tweaks and nudges. We may have to give up cars completely. And our diets are in for a major overhaul. But one proposal floated by Austrian…


ENERGY TRANSITIONS: Behemoth coal plants threaten utilities’ CO2 goals

Utilities have shuttered power plants at breakneck speed, but those units tend to be small and intermittently used. Many of the nation’s biggest coal plants will continue to run for years, raising questions about the sector’s ability to achieve deep cuts in carbon emissions.

Paris Agreement Key To Future Health Of Global Economies

A new study by researchers from the University of Cambridge has concluded that 7% of global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will disappear by 2100 as a result of business-as-usual carbon emissions, reinforcing the need for countries around the world to fully commit to achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement. 

Britain Has Been Brainwashed By The Sinister Green Religion Of Climate Change

Over half British adults claim to be ‘very concerned’ about climate change. According to an Ipsos MORI poll conducted for the London Evening Standard, 85 percent are ‘concerned’ and 52 percent ‘very concerned’. And the figures are going up. According…